Wednesday, July 7, 2010

School tale!!

You know what happened today?.. MKS Sir was in angry mood.. today morning, he was shouting at us,, and like always.. he tried to scare us. Tune-sh and Sp3 hybrid orbital didn't come to the tution! :(
Reached school a bit late :| Sp3 hybrid orbital was already there.
Sp3 asked: "you went for tution?"
Me: yeah! o.o
Sp3: You know why I didn't come?
Me: yeah, cause you were texting whole night and you slept at 4 am! :P

*Free period*
Me: my shoes are shining :P
Nee: Its looking odd.. and
-stepped over it-
...much better!! v.v

* Chemistry period*
V sir went to staff room for some work.. In the mean while Sp3 hybrid orbital came out of his place and stood near the door o.o Our school librarian came running :P We thought may be for scolding Sp3 Hybrid orbital, ( She was still standing out of the classroom and Sp3 at the door!!) Then suddenly..
Sp3 hybrid orbital: Yes Ma'am,... Ma'am.. SHRITI !!
Me: huh? what did I do? o.O
Everyone: -laughed-
Ma'am entered... and said: Shriti.. you are an artist right? I need your help!!
Sp3 hybrid orbital: Yes Ma'am! Yes!! (others joined him to!)
My Expression: o.O -what the hell?-
Ma'am: come with me in the library!
Sp3 : Okay ma'am.. we are coming..
Ma'am: no I just need her..
Sp3: Ma'am I can help too -attacked with his puppy eyes-

In library.. It was me and Sp3 AND our librarian.. and the doors were shut lol xD After few mins.. Pappaa and Paaa (principal and manager) knocked.. Ma'am opened the door.. and we continued doing our work. :P When they left.. Ma'am was scared lol xD
Ma'am: geez.. I am so dumb.. why did I close the doors?
Sp3: Ma'am it's okay.. nothing happened xD
Me: yea.. ma'am its all right.. why are you so scared?
Ma'am: just Imagine that if it was only you and him.. or me and him and the doors were shut then..?
Me and Sp3 looked at eachother laughed xDD
Sp3: Kya ma'am aap bhi kya kya sochte ho? xP
Ma'am: Its all cause of him.. It would have been better if hadn't come with us.. He acts just like a small kid!! :O
We( Sp3 hybrid orbital and me)  laughed whole day at this thing! geeeez! lol

I like waking up at 4: 30 am for tution.. I like being senior.. I like the way  my friends tease me.. I laugh when I fall or when I do something stupid.. I like to tease Sp3 hybrid orbital and Prince.. I like when Sp3 hybrid orbitals calls me Sp2 Hybrid orbital.. I like being dumb at times.. Even after knowing that I am short I like to compare my height with my friends..but somewhere I am still sad... I am not happy with the things on my life.. Yeah am still crying.. sowwie for ruining your mood!! D:


Rajlakshmi said...

you don;t have to cry when you have so many laughable moments :D

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Nice post!!! o(^-^)b

Pavitra .... said...

You have such cute moments in your life....
Nice post!! Don't cry sweetie :)
Take care!

♪ Tharangni ♪ said...

wow! really funny one!! :D

Being Pramoda... said...

hey...its soo enjoyable to read ur school incidents.. u often make me recollect mine..

thanks sis..

don't cry..wee.wee..:)

Jingle said...

time to vote again,
please scan the links and vote for 1 to 20 poets, thank you in advance!

next Rally post will be on July 21, 2010.

Jingle said...

u r so smart and creative,

wisewit said...

Yeah, don't expect your sadness or depression to go away overnight. Still, it sounds like things may be going better for you now. :) A lot of people find their senior year does go better.


aritra the daydreamer said...

why r u sad..u have such nice moments...

DuDo said...

Gud post... i went back to my school dayz T__T

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

you should laugh more than you cry. or laugh so hard that you do cry! what is tution?

Anurag said...

liked your post.

wish I had a life like yours (with so much of fun)

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Rajlakshmi
awww thank you ^^

and thanks for dropping by ^^

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Rabbito bondon
thank you ^^

and thanks for dropping by~

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Pavitra
I'll try

and thank you! ^^

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Tharangni
thanks ! ^^

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Prams di

aww thank you di ^^

and am so glad that I did ^^

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Jingle
thank you jingle ^^

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Wisewit
yeah it is! ^^

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Aritra
hmm I am just moody nothing else ;)

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Dudo

awwww... *hugs* 0.0

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Cheryl
well tution is...
wait let me think! 0.0
ummm according to google... instructions or teaching given in in a small group or individually!!?

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Anurag
hehe.. ^^
you already had those days..
now its my time xD