Monday, June 6, 2011

Ting Tang Tag!! :D

Hello there~~
       So I am tagged by two people. Madhumati and Selenium :3
So yesh this post is all about me :) Thank you for the tag ^_^ I was really willing to do a tag actually so yippeee here I go!
Tag #1 
By Madhumati
*My favourites* 
Food: I love food LOL. I really can't stay without chicken and fish V_V I love spicy Indian food and chineese food. :) 
Colour: I love a lot of colours o.o.. Black, blue, white and purple are my all time favourites :)
Sports: I used to play cricket with all the guys and I used to cry and call my mom when they never used to take me in their team lol and at nights I used to play football with my dad :)
Dessert: Pastries and chocolate ice creams XD
Artist/Singer/Brand: Secondhand Serenade, Owlcity, Jarrod Matthew, NeverShoutNever and I forgot :(
Pair of shoes: I wear heels(since I am short) and also I like belly shoes and other shoes LOL! :D
Outfit: Eh you'll find me more in jeans and capries and leggings sometimes. (No one wonder why they call me tomboy!! o.o)
Accessory:  I really don't like these stuffs at all -_-" but I wear earrings, a bracelet kinda thing O.o and a locket(I am forced to were that locket and bracelet)
Fav place: Home, Cad-B and Schooool. I miss school :(
Hobbies: Writing, blogging, drawing, texting, reading. :)
Beauty product: Lip balm and eye liner and that too sometimes :P
Snacks: Maggie and Ramen :3
Movies: Don't have a favourite but I prefer watching, funny action movies and romantic ones are okay. :P
-That's it-
I am tagging:
Sankoo baba
Prams di

Tag #2
By Selenium

*Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves*
*You have to choose and tag ten people*
*Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them*
*No tags back*
*Have fun*

Ten Things About Me:
I am very random o.o
I say "I love you" to everyone LOL
I love saying "is" as "ish" and yes as "yesh"
I am in a long distance relationship :O
When I see any couple kissing then it creeps me out o_e 
I am 17 and I still hate talking or listening to "mature" and "vulgar" talks.(It creeps me out seriously. I even cried once when my friends where talking about it :P)
I am a slowpoke x_x
I don't get creepy messages from anyone because I never understand them!! :|
Friendship means everything to me and also love O.o
I get suicidal thoughts all the time which is not good. I have already tried to kill myself 5 times!!

And the tag goes to:


anupama said...

Dear Sweetie,
Good Morning!
Happened to land here and loved knowing you more.
Love life and start living with smiles and flowers.
Never ever suicidal thoughts should reach you.
You are so blessed and a wonderful sweetheart!Life is so beautiful!
I love you,dear!
Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

Sankoobaba said...

"Fav place: Home, Cad-B and Schooool."

hey what is that Cad-B in ur post,,
coz i was recently in pune and there was ice-cream shop that served some chocolate milkshake kind of thing called Cad-B ...

thanks for tagging...will post as soon as possible...

Sorakai said...

Aww! Thanks so much for the tag but I can't play because I don't have enough friends :( But thanks so much!!! You're awesome!

An Ordinary Gal said...

Thankoooo Choco :D

☆ ayu☆ said...

ok ill do the tag :)

suruchi said...

thank you choco for tagging me,
and congratulations on being so loved!:-)

though you must never allow yourself to get into the depressive mode and killing yourself is never the is slow n daily death for your loved ones!

face the world and fight'd survive..we all do that everyday:-)

Chocolate Lover said...

Thank youuu <3
I love you too =]
But you know life is not beautiful. It was beautiful when I was 8

Chocolate Lover said...

yup. That place..:D Its in Bhilai..and they had everything of chocolate :DDDDD <3 <3

Chocolate Lover said...

haha its okay :)
And you're welcome Ali.
But I am not awesome xD

Chocolate Lover said...

You are welcome :D

Chocolate Lover said...

:) :) <3

Chocolate Lover said...

Yes, that's true :)
And I am trying to survive. <3
Thanks for caring ^_^
Love you <3


Hi Shriti... thanks for the tag sweet... (: and me too...can't live without a food and that was before i was diagnosed of having lots of allergies very particular on fish and chickens... i only eat meat and veggies all throughout my life...hehe... thanks for your comments on my first attempt at magpietales... it's a weekly poem writing based on the featured photo of the day... wanna join??? com'on...(:


... Madhumathi ... said...

Aww...:D Nice to know all random facts about u ;)

Well, thanks for the tag..:) :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tag =)

love this post ^_^

NoFaIrYtAlE said...

thanks for tagging :) will do it asap! :D

NoFaIrYtAlE said...

Thanks a lot for the tag :) saw it now! Will do it asap!