Friday, March 26, 2010

..wanna say....

hey guys ! Sorry exams are still on. Practical exams were awesome. Thanks for the wishes and blessings! ( I need more k?)
Now the theory exams have started! and its going quite well. Though I screwed up my maths exam! [-_-]
Would be back after 8th. :)
Except exam many things are happening in school!! And especially with my mates!
As usual "chanda mama and poo" and "Chimni and tragedy queen"are together! and teachers are annoyed! :P
Prince turned to a love guru lol! :P
And the most shocking news! A.V. and her shameless gf were caught alone in the school campus thrice!! and like always I came to know about it very late *sigh! 
(Itni masaledar baate mujhe hamesha bad me kyu pata chalti hai!!)
Some say that they kiss everyday in maths tution!! ewwww... yuck!!!
24th march means just a day before maths exam was Harpreet's birthday. 
YES my best friend Harpreet who passed away!
ummm.. am really annoyed! I've joined another social network "myyearbook" (if you dont know about it then google it!! :P)
The same problem continues with me! Its really hard to socialize with others! For me blogosphere is the best! :)
My bro thinks I'm emo!! umm.. whoa! May be because of my poems lolz! haha! I love emo!!
So that's all for now byeee guys love ya all!


Sankoobaba said...

best of luck for ur exams!!
"myyearbook"?? ok... will try!!
yeah "emo" is cool....surely...not for guys tho..
"the tiny images in the post are super cute"

sulagna ™ said...

aree wah...congrats..somebody will be more frequent on the blog now!! yeayi!!!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

aww...ive missed you too~ thanks..i hope you do great in exams as well:D best wishes:3

the first award you can have it..i am sharing it to all my dear followers :)

Sjmach said...

ALL the BEST!!

Rishi said...

all da best...

keep blogin

A Crooked Smile

suruchi said...

Awwww...everyone screws up maths least I used to when I was at your age*sigh,sigh*
I think maths was invented to be screwed n screw us poor souls...
Okay...we’d leave it at that...

And AV n her shameless girlfriend story sounds so interesting...lolzzzz
Arre we should get more details of such masaaledaar baatein...
And u need to get updated more sooner girl;-)

P.S. All bros think something dumb about their sisters...that’s coz they think it would be otherwise dumb to accept that we are awesome;-)

☆Tharangni☆ said...

BOL for ur Exams! :)
>>Hey! You have an award from my blog! :)
Award For You.

Randeep said...

All the best baby. Have fun. Tc


Madhu said...

all the best dear...COme back soon..:)

Esther said...

Good luck with your exams! :)
And I love your blog template sooo much! =)


Hi CL,

O, how are ye doin' sweet buddy??? me??? hmmmn... well, i'm doin' great though a bit haggard...haha!!!:D I got busy with my OJT[on the job training] and will be a lot more busy this coming days... so i maybe out in Blogland for sometime... thank you for checking me out on my blog.. you're soo sweet... and Good luck to your exams...!!!:) Cheers!!!:)

See ye when i come back!!!:)

God Bless!!!:)


Shas said...

All the best for ur remaining examz!!

Sorcerer said...

good luck for the next round of exams!

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

I was one of those who screwed up all his exams except Maths and language. I remember my friends telling me that when I was in 7th (that was like such long time ago, I think I must have lived a lifetime! *sigh*) I was the one who scored full marks in algebra when half the class barely managed to pass. Ha!

Well, all the best for the rest of your exams.