Tuesday, June 29, 2010

and it goes on..

Heyaaa ppl! umm still busy with school.. I really don't even get time for me! Everyday.. I  wake up at 4:45 am for tution.. *shivers on the way*wishes to see.. Tune-ish, Devil or P.G. =] Prays to God that Divi should not come to tution.. but you find she's already there!! At tution..
Plans to sit with Devil, Tunesh and P.G.!! but damn! :| I come back home at 6:30 am, take shower and again rush to school!! <.< On the way.. I just keep wondering how's today going to be!? I start singing (well i try to) the saltwater room on the way (Mark's voice still in my head)!.. Reach school with a confused mind..and just wish that Safedi ki chamkar and Tragedy queen should not come to school!! But damn! they are present.
*Makes more wishes* Tiwari sir should not come to school! blaah guess what?.. he is present too! >.< Sir takes the attendance and then we all move out of the classroom for assembly... tick tock tick tock tick tock.. damn too hot.. Its rainy season then why no rain? :( not even winds are blowing!! >.< I find Safedi ki chamkar laughing and talking about blah blah blah!Watch our juniors moving out of the building.. and find that they are taller then us =/ and they look older too! o.o" Wish If I could be more taller! =/ now during the assembly.. we find.. kids fainting off!! :O
After a huge blah blah blah of "pappa" (our school principal v.v) we finally move in to our class! Thristy.. but mates already drank the water!!and I am left with empty bottle. >.> First period is free (yay yay yay woohoo woohoo) But a bit sleepy and headache starts killing me.. Mates look worried to see me like that.. Some ask.. "Whats wrong?" and Devil plays knock knock with my head!! o.O" and says "seems like there's nothing inside her head!!" I try to hit him or to seize him but my hands are too short!! >.> *he escapes!*
Time for Sunny's and Devil's weird stuffs! Yeah so damn weird and funny... ummm dancing like Shakira andd.. mimicry.. haha yeah.. they are super talented lol.. hey wait.. this time I made a new song lol.. (not really but I just changed the lyrics of Pappa jag jayega) We really make alot of noise.. so its.. " Volume kam kar.. "pappa" (principal) aa jayega!!" xD
And it goes on... Sometimes I feel like to punch Safedi ki chamkar and Chimni but.. I am not like them ;) So I just try to ignore them.. For the whole day we Worry about college =/ Our teachers always try to scare us!! >_< After recess, I bring another water bottle which was in my scooty..still no result.. It lasts only for half an hour..
Now tired..and bored..wanna go out and play but teachers wont allow us..Start doing weird stuffs.. crack silly jokes.. and offcourse throwing chowk pieces at each other!! :3 In this way school hour ends and then I come back home at 1:30 pm o.o and then meal.. try to sleep bt damn homework!! At 4:15 pm again..rush for tution.. which goes till 7:30 pm! *sigh*

p.s extremely sorry.. I am damn too busy with school stuffs! >__< Missing you guys.. I can't check your blogs sowwie D: I love you *hugs tight* :)


Madhu said...

aw..thats fine..waiting to see ya around!

ambiguous_angel said...

its okay, we wont be going anywhere:)

good luck with everything!

knk said...

superb designs looks great i like that animations


..all the best lucks!!!:D


Take care!!!:)


♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Madhu
thank you madhu ^^

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Ambiguous angel

thank you ^^

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Knk

aww thank you ^^

and thanks for dropping by ^^

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Kelvin

heyaa buddy ^^

thank you so much ^^