Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"..I'll stay away.."

I'll stay away..
scared to hurt them..
I can cry alone,
won't let them to know even that..

Smiles heals my pains,
but my heart is sore now,
 I Swear I never played with them
but I'll stay away..

It seems like nightmare,
but a dream to see them happy again..
I'll stay away;
alone in my despair...
Just a tight hug
for the last time and
I'll be gone forever and
would never come again..
I'll stay away..
dont wanna hurt them,
I have to now keep my distance..
I know they're not gonna understand..
but have to move 'cause
dont wanna be that foolish girl I was
and end up worse again;
I'll cry all alone..

I'll be keeping away..
I am trying not to want to hurt them;
trying to bring the smile again..
One last thing I need to do now..

....is just to stay away..

P.S. Inspired by "Last thing"
PPS. I'll miss them(Mark, Alan, Poxy and Xin yi) .. and really want them to be happy.. Mark has deleted his MYB and FB account.. i am gonna do the same.. not because he did..because
 I wont be online for 10 months!
PPPS. I'll miss you too :))


Leo said...

10 months?! :o where u r off to dear? why 10 months? :o

you've penned the thoughts nicely..

Jingle said...

we will miss you,
why delete,
let the blog stay...
people can look at old stuff...

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Leo
Studies >.<
12th board!!! T____T
school's gonna reopen on june 16 :/

@ Jingle
no I am not deleting my blog ^-^
I am just deleting my other accounts! :)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

You are going offline completely for 10 months? Even from blogland? I think you won't do that because we will all miss you so very much. Anyway, if you are really thinking of going away then all the best to you. Do well. Studies is priority now. :-)


Jingle said...


award, check out details yourself...
Happy Wednesday!

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Vittaldas
yup I guess so T___T
dont wanna leave blogland though T___T

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Jingle
awwwwwww.. thats so sweet of you
thanks for the award ^_____^
you are awesome o.o