Saturday, June 12, 2010

"..Just once.."

I want to be an eight year old kiddo again!
I want to sing and dance like an insane..

I want to hug someone right now;
I want to let my tears flow..

I want to be an endear,
I want to disappear;

I want to escape this place,
I want to have a delightful grace;

I want to be alone,
I want to say that my fears are gone;

I want be a muse;
I want to feel the giggling views;

I want to walk alone in lonely streets;
I want to hear my heart beats;

I want to rejoice every moment;
I want to forget the torment;

I want to know if they really care;
I want to know if I really matter;

I want to get stoned;
I want to fall in illusion;

I want to party whole night with my friends,
I want to forget that happy moments soon ends..

I want to fly to the sky,
I want to cry and die,

yes I just want to smile,
from the bottom of my heart;

I don't want that smile to fade,
even if I am dead..

P.S so damn random but yeah from the heart.. feeling sad.. want to meet Alan, Mark, Xin yi and Poxy.. want to hug them tight.. Right now feeling like to die..would be fine I guess.. Crying alot since yesterday.. want to be alone for once.. a thought popped in my mind.. what if I die.. and no one knows about the reason... want someone to regret for what they did!! ummmm.. lame? =/ haha! *hugs tight* byeee :)


♪ Tharangni ♪ said...

hey u know.. sometimes even i feel this way.. :(

Sunakshi said...

aww hugs for you sweetheart.. :)

Surbhi Jain said...

very random but beautiful indeed!! the use of words depicted pain!!
meet you friends soon and cheer up :)

Chocolatelover said...

Hope you're fine. :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey gal.. why so sad?? worried abt ur mental strength...

pls take care.. it hapens at times that we want our deries with us, but nt always possible..

Be happy.. evry thing will be fine, just dream alot about good..

Sincere wishes,
Prams sis

nitwit said...

lovely poem kid.... sorry for being irregular... and thnkds 4 being dere

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i say, if you really want to do these things then just go out there and do them. no regrets! sometimes you just have to take a chance.

i, too, want to be a muse...obviously.

suruchi said...

Thank god, we don’t get all that we want...
Dying is not worth anything!
It’s better to live and fight n create a world of your liking for yourself or mould yourself to like what you get!

And you have the world waiting for you, a life that would take you to greater highs and worse lows...
This is the preparing ground!
Accept the challenge, learn the lessons and after consistent efforts...there would be no more tears!


Jingle said...

I want what you want,
but don't know how?!

lovely poem!

edxaii said...

cheer up dear! :)
nice poem^^

i like this line..

"I want be a muse;
I want to feel the giggling views"

i also like to be a muse,,haha

take care always!
and dont forget to smile^^

HaRy!! said...

mutual feelings mam

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Tharangni
awwww.. T-T

@ Sunakshi di

@ Surbhi
yeah I want to meet them soon.. but thing is we all live in different countries!

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Chocolatelover
not really :)

@ Prams di
hmmm.. just sad.. thanks for caring.. love ya :)

@ nitwit
its okay.. but yeah whats wrong with you? =/

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

haha! thanks but i am scared xP
there is something that i cant do but i want it to happen :)

@ Suruchi
none of my wishes come true >.<
guess i am a bad kid! :(

@ Jingle
thank you jingle!! love you! ^_^

@ edxaii
haha! thanks! xD

@ Hary
*same pinch* :O

Gauri Mathur said...

Me too :(

penelope said...

aww........i wish the same things sometimes...

amazing ...nice job ....

p.s m on your follower's list .... love ur blog ... li'l girl .. ! :)

tristarfivestar said...

stop talking about suicide. its horrible. you get to live your life once and only once. thats your only choice. either you live it once and try to make the most of it or just leave it !
feeling sad is normal for people of any age. it doesnt mean that you have to kill your self

Anonymous said...

Don't Worry
Be Happy...
That's all I wanna say.....

Pria said...

uumm.. this hpns wit evry1 dear.. no worries.. these al r ur experiences 2 liv a bettr tmrw.. learn 2 liv.. hope u meet ur frens soon n giv thm a hug.. a tight 1.. :) keep cool..

Brian Miller said...

way to write out those feelings though...random yet very nice verse...

Anonymous said...

very sweet and open poem.


o, who would not want to be... my friend, please don't make it a habit to be always sad... life is too short to waste by just bein' sad... smile... go out and feel the world... there are many who think the world of you!!!:D

Have a blessed day!!!:)


Thousif Raza said...

thats so from the heart.... really good one... :)

take care and keep writing.........

Jingle said...

one poetry award,
three general awards,
Happy Tuesday!

kixon said...

some thing that helps me with pain theirs always some one with more pain than you. dont give in to your darkness trust me only more pain can come of it