Sunday, June 27, 2010

school!! 0.0"

Haha! I am so happy that school reopened (reopened on 16th june :P) I am a senior now.. but me and my classmates don't look like one.. We are dumb 16 year old kids(some are 17 already o.o).. The batches before us were mentality prepared and yeah.. they did look like seniors.. but like I said we are dumb!! xD
I don't like safedi ki chamkar... and Divi!! Me, Simmi and Sush are together again.. no new admission in our class so its just us "Oldies Goldies" ;) You know.. I enjoyed the first rain here with Tune-ish, Devil, P.G. and Nee!! :))
So as usual my friends tease me a lot.. They have started teasiing me with P.T.'s name D: and also they imitate me some time! o.o Guess what?? simmi finally came to know everything about safedi ki chamkar.. eeeehhh.. Safedi ki schamkar's new target is Tune-ish T-T Why him???? I want to punch her face!! Tune-ish is my best friend and she is creepy!!!
Devil and Poo finally broke up! :D Devil was Poo's 12th boyfriend!! o.O geeeez!! I am so damn glad that they broke up... and some are saying that even Tragedy queen and Chimni broke up!! :O And something is going on between Divi and Prince... eeeehhhhh.. Why?????? You know Chimni has became such a snob.... you can esily see his ego in everything that he does or say.. even Wany sir noticed that!! o.O"
T sir (my maths teacher who kinda dislikes me) is my class teacher.. doing quite well in maths these days.. but still hv to work more hard =/ So much school.. and yeah you know what we do if any of our friend doesn't like someone then we tease them by saying that the someone you hate is actually your best friend :P (didn't get it right?)
 Well let me explain.. I dont like Divi, Poo and Safedi ki chamkar so Devil and other friends tease me by saying that.. They are my "bestest friends" and I can't leave without them..  xD and I do the same with Devil.. I keep saying that Safedi ki chamkar and Suchchi are his "bestest friends" lol
Devil changed the lyrics of "Jab mila tu hi tu" from the movie "I hate luv story". It goes like this now: "Jab mila 2 root 2.... 2 root 2"  xD Yes he was solving maths problems at that time xD



Hi Shriti,

Well, bein' a senior and dealin' with school chores doesn't always depend on one's looks.... it's on how one carry his/herself in front of the crowd with enough confidence... so, don't bother yourself too much on those matters... you're unique in a variety of ways... and that uniqueness is what we adore you the most... smile!!!:D

A blessed Sunday!!!:)

Good luck!!!:D


Chocolatelover said...

Heyy. :0
Thhis sounds really good, being a senior is surely fun, and it's good to know how aweosme aschool is. :)

Pria said...

whoaaa!! so v r gonna get sum mor skool stuff.. ha?? uumm... :))

ambiguous_angel said...

enjoy the school and being senior..:)
smile always:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Shriti, nice name; i hv just known ur name frn this first comment on the left..:)

Wow..u r happy fr reopening of school.. nice student.. yeah obviously we can catch up with frnds..:)

njoy well senior..:)

Madhu said...

good to see ya happy sweety..

all the best..rock it!

ANWESA said...


Reminds me of schoool days..... what memories !

sulagna ™ said...

shree... poo had 12 guys ??? hey raam!!!

CutePriya said...

Hey Choco,

Seems you're having a FUN Time at school...loved d Devils


Rishi said...

ha ha... all da best with being a senior

wisewit said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well in school--so far. I think a lot of people have trouble in the middle of high school and then do better in their senior year. Hopefully, that's how things will go for you, too. :)

Now, if you can just get good enough grades to keep your father happy. . . . :)

Good luck!