Sunday, May 15, 2011

"..confused about the title.."

Often tried
and always cried,
No one was there,
when I used to fear,
My fate's been cursed,
I have realised..
No hopes, only denials,
No existence for my pals.
I've become a mere past,
My name on their heart will never last.

P.S. hello there ^_^ I'm back and I'm seriously not in good mood.


Marinela Reka said...

I hope you’re ok today!
Well come back!

Take care

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Sergi Garcia said...

''Trial and error?''

Come on, try to evaluate things from another perspective and maybe you discover the good part in there.

Jingle said...

love your poetry.

share 1 to 3 poems with us on Sunday, after 8pm.

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Marinela
Thank you ♥

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Sergi
hoping so ♥ :)

Chocolate Lover said...


Thank you. :))
And yes, I will ♥