Friday, May 27, 2011

"Questions about my decisions.."

Black and White?
-a story, a bit old.
He has coloured my world
and now I know what is love.

If he's to walk a million miles
then I'll wait a million days,
to see his smile.
Spending sleepless nights with his memories
in my heart.
Distance cannot make us apart. 

Finally reality is better than dreams,
and looks like life gleams.
Funny- how soon he became so special;
His laugh- the music of my soul. 

He says-"I love you to death"
It takes away my breath.
Destiny knows the end of this fairytale.
The story of me and my prince charming.

Still not sure, what's wrong and what's right. 
I am so not here to win a fight.
He gave me a smile,
that I am wearing right now.
Did you see it or find it,
adorable somehow?

You have to be me,
To gain understanding.
You'll find all the answers of the,
Questions about my decisions
and on my relations
that you've been asking. 

P.S. To be honest -__-" I really cannot write mushy poems anymore. And yeah I didn't like the poem at all. Its 3 am and I am damn sleepy!! Ohh! I forgot to tell you guys. I am in a long distance relationship now. So yeah the poem was all about me and my boyfriend :*3

P.P.S. Just check out this amazing girl's poem and her "blog". Her name is Ali. She writes really well and I promise you. You won't regret following her. She ish  simply awesome.  :) 


An Ordinary Gal said...

Poem was nice dear :)
and m glad to know dat u r in a relationship and u r smiling :)

Keep Smiling always :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

and ya Your blog header is so awesome :)

... Madhumathi ... said...

Haha, that's so nice poem! :) Well, all d best for ur relationship...hope for good :)

Keep smiling dear :)


Chocolate Lover said...

Thank you ^_^ <3
I am glad that you liked it :D

Chocolate Lover said...

thank you!! :D <3 <3 :)