Saturday, May 21, 2011


Alcoholic eyes have too much cried,
Being evil to this evil life,
Thousands of questions,
Still lingers in her mind,
Clouds playing with the moon,
And stars twinkling in sky.
Pretty is the view,
Ugly is the world.
Impregnable soul, locked in a car;
Screamed, "choke my breath,
Kill the pain."
No one listened,
No one cared;
Her eyelids getting heavier,
Life getting closer,
To a mere relief,
She never had any belief.
She did make her confessions, 
But still she died of suffocation. 

P.S. hey there! Sorry, I haven't written a nice poem in a while :) I've tried to write this one. I hope you all like this. I want to thank this person, Lee Josephine. He has been sending me email from the last couple of days :) I am really happy to know that some people still read my blogs :P I was thinking to quit :P But the emails made me smile and made me write another poem. Thanks a lot Lee. ♥


YAM said...

no way.

you're good at this so please keep writing..

Chocolate Lover said...

hahaha XD
sorry Yam :)

and yeah i am not going to quit now =o

Anonymous said...

a very vivid poem...

its dark but its real...

Chocolate Lover said...

hehe~~ yup =]

sawan said...

deep! u got to try writing happy stuff too! its quite easy. last couple of poems are a lil too deep, a lil too into life. its ok to take a break and live in fantasy once in a while :)

Chocolate Lover said...

I wish if I could :/
I've tried writting them but I cannot.

sawan said...

U can! M sure u can. Just don't giv it any effort, read positive notes, watch happy endings, dance, sing, talk out loud, scream, sleep - u will write happy posts. Trust me.

Chocolate Lover said...

I'll try ^_^ ♥