Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You don't have to read this!! ^_^

Your best friends betrayed you and you forgave them but still they keep doing the same thing.
you have relatives who don't want you and your family to be happy and they keep doing shits to destroy your family.
You have such uncles and aunts who wants nothing but to kick you out of the school.
You have awesome friends who don't remember your birthday but you still hope that they'll wish you at 12am? But then, you find that its 1 pm and your friends haven't wished you yet and you still care to invite them for your birthday party and like lame creatures they tell you that they can't come.
You have egoistic friends for who their ego, their respect ish more important than your birthday, your tears and your feelings.
You feel alone on your birthday even when you have your friends to celebrate it?
Your bestfriend wished to die before you and God made her wish come true?
You have mean parents who don't let you to go and visit your dying friend just 'cause they think you are a 15 year old naive?
And they are so mean that they won't even let you to go at her funeral and when you are crying and missing her; they yell at you!?
You still miss your dead friend everyday and especially when a friends betrays you and do You write poems to express how much you miss her?
You have a bro who makes you feel like crap.
Your mom ever told you that you are nothing but a burden to them?
Your mom and bro calling you a bitch, a slut and ugly fattie?
Ever felt that your parent's care for you ish nothing but like some sort of slow poision killing you every minute?
Your mom still hits you and beats you with sticks and other stuffs even when you are seventeen?
You have an ex-friend who hates you so much that she wants you to cry and die
You know people across the huge oceans who wants you to be happy and when they look at your sucidal status, they stop you from dying?
Your favorite teacher tried to blame you in a false case of cheating and bluffing and conspiring against the head girl of the school.
Your mom telling you that you are friends are mean but actually they are not atleast not like them. She wont let you to give your notes to anyone and instead she would just expect from the world to help you.
Ever been told by a stupid doctor that you have stomach tumor?
But actually it's not stomach tumor but its ovarian tumor/cancer(a silent killer).
You have a lot of guy friends and you have told everything to your mom about them and their GFs but your mom still don't trust you and calls you a slut then what would you do?
Ever felt that its suffocating at home and ever felt home at school with friends?
Do you feel like dying after having the above craps in your life?

Someone does.. she's trying to be happy and make others happy. She doen't have any hopes and she thinks her life ish really miserable. She writes suicidal notes but she never wants anyone to get worried 'bout that. She has almost decided to kill herself but something hold her back. She ish just too sensitive. The world thinks she's a crazy emo kid but that's not true.


bibhash k jha said...

so heavy .. just relax kid .. you have much more to see .
By the way , it was too heavy and I felt so bad after reading it :(

wisewit said...

Ah, now I think for the first time I really have an idea where you're coming from. Really, I'm amazed you've survived at all. Most people would just fall apart if they had to live through that.

Here's how I see it: I know things look impossible now, but, if you've survived so far, when things already looked pretty impossible, maybe you'll be able to hold long enough that things will get better somehow--even if it looks like there's no hope.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to take my own life, but something in me just wouldn't let me do it. And now things are better. Maybe something like that could happen for you, too. :)

Yes, I want you to be happy, but it's no use pretending to be if you aren't. Anyway, it's more important to be able to cope whether you're happy or not. :)


mahima said...

hey i read ur post its really mein heavy ...but stop thinking too much...even in this bad situation try too look for something good have faith in god ...take caree ...nd believe u will soon get a very close frnd ..