Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I did today? o.o

Hmm nothing special.. I was up for the whole night o.o but still missed the tution 'cause I was damn tired. Reached school in time. English test was well :) I was thinking 'bout mark for the whole day. I am really worried for him. Two periods of physics are annoying. :| PPG was slapped by Tiwari sir. Actually, PPG, Ayush, Tunesh, Saket, Meraj, Pankaj, Neeraj and others decided to join two rows of desks together. :P Tiwari got mad o.o and punished them :P He made them to kneel down on the floor for 2 periods :P Though Tunesh escaped it soon :P Umm I was completing my Physics notes in first three periods :) We did chemistry practicals and it was fun XD Specially the test for Nickel o.o The test tube looked awesome o.o.. Simran's hand burned 'cause of concentrated H2SO4 , We put NH4OH on her hand XD but it was still burning o.o.. Hmmm Hindi was boring and annoying like always. We laughed a lot in Games Period haha! :P And went to Kindergarten section after ages o.o, Saket was just saying "selfish" whenever I passed by o.o !! And he came on my way twice :P lame haha! :3 I came back home and had "Palak paneer" :)) I was about to lay on my bed but before that I texted Mark.I don't remember anything after that.. I just collapsed o.O


Rajlakshmi said...

this reminds me of my school days... those chemical practicals were so interesting fun :D

Chocolate Lover said...

Yup!! That was so much fun :3