Monday, November 8, 2010

"..wanna be cinderella.."

blah.. so finally my best friends wished me.  Can't believe that they forgot! >_>When someone unexpected wishes you birthday, it just feels awesome :) But when you want a special wish from a special person and you don't recieve it then it sucks!
My FB friends, I don't know them but their wishes are making my day. Sunakshi di, Alan, Shravan, Rishi, Yash, Shrijit, Girish, Mark, Xin yi, Kelvin, Raed, Deepa, Rahil and everyone is just so amazing. :)
only 10 candles lol xP

I don't know if I am an angel or not but thanks for calling so. I know, I'm  kind but I hate this thing :P Talked to Saket after a long time. Geez I guess I am giving him another chance to backstab! :| Looking forward to the party now..

awwww its so cute O.O

I hope to have fun atleast today. Arghhh.. I hate writing such a gloomy post on my birthday!! Arrrggghhh.. I really wanted something special to happen atleast once! :| I have invited some friends but I'm sure that they are not going to come!! (v_____v)

WoOoOow!! o.o I just found this yummy looking chocolate cake on google lol xD
Umm I don't know but I wanna be cinderella today! Justt once, I wanna be a princess :)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Just once I want my dreams to come true.

Just once I want everything perfect! =]

don't get scared of this pic! o.O
It's me! :D
Do I look happy? o.o well I took this pic yesterday and messed up with colours. :P

Birthday wish: I wanna be cinderella!  =]


Jidhu Jose said...

Belated bday wishes.
where is the chocolates

WarmSunshine said...

you sure you can do with all the cleaning and scrubbing once ur cinderella? that's not much fun girl.... hehe.... have a great birthday today sweets! :)

Didzy said...

Hi Pretty..:) am I late to wish you a happy birthday?? ..ok gonna wish you one now..ahem..Happy Birthday Chocolate lover/ Cinderella! :D
Wishing you having a great birthday celebration & enjoy the day ;)

Neeha said...

Happy B'day buddy..
Hope all your wishes come true and have a bright future..
Keep Smiling..

CutePriya said...

Many Many Many Happy Returns of the Day...May God Bless You with all the happiness in life...Hope you had a great birthday...God Bless You again Little Princess....You look BEAUTIFUL...

Chitranshi said...

Hello Princess! Happy Birthday! :)
This is my first time here and I found your blog truly amazing, cute and beautiful.. :)
May some fairy angel grant your wish true *_*

Rajlakshmi said...

and i pray that everything will be perfect for this lovely princess :)

Madhu said...

alls well that ends well.:)

suruchi said...

Hi Choco..
The pic looks great...
Just as cute as you are...
Wishing you a very happy birthday again n a life filled with joys n endless celebrations...
Happy times are here again:-)
Smile Cinderella..U already are one:-)

Selenium said...

Belated Happy Birthday and Happy Diwali...


rantravereflect/ jane said...

awww cutsie-pink-pie :)mwuahhhh BELATED HAPPY BUDDAY!!!!!

wisewit said...

Don't forget that to be Cinderella, you have to lose your glass slipper, and . . . it might take the prince a looooooong time to find you, too. :) but don't give up.

Oh! I don't remember if I said this already, but if I didn't, Happy Birthday!

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to anybody's posts, but I've been speding the past week or so wrestling with a wild computer. :)