Friday, November 12, 2010

"Holi" with "Mehendi" :P

we had children's day today in school. xD It was fun o.o ! Enjoyed a lot :D Ayush was playing guitar and everyone else were singing. xD He was in song competition and he was awesome o.o and Meraz too and Suchita and Srishti and Divya were amazing xD . We sang the same two songs for 6 hours. xP Some get annoyed of it but it was nice :P and then Ayush and other guys planned to have a "blast". xDD They were about to burn crackers in the school corridor and boys toilet but it flopped. xP They told this only to me and no one else amongst the girls were knowing 'bout it! We had mehendi competition and boys too took part in that o.o and they were no way less than girls. xD I took in mehendi competiton..i dont know bout the result but everyone liked mine o.o Divya betrayed me again >.> she didn't give me her hand and at last I made it on Rupesh's hand. :P and four other people includes three guys and a girl :P lol xD and then everyone made it on Pranay's hand :D we wrote "head boy Pranay Thite" and made flowers and a balloon and some weird looking stuffs. o.o Everyone was so damn interested in Mehendi and guys omg.. they too put that mehendi on their hand!! xD Later the guys played HOLI with MEHENDI!! :P They put mehendi on Pankaj's head. o.o Pankaj got mad and he put it on their face and later guys too put mehendi on him. xD We are going to a school trip tomorrow. o.o


rantravereflect/ jane said...

aww i miss school, geeee , but they trying settin off bombas in school, n succeeded ;)

Jingle said...

Happy Friday.

Selenium said...

There weren't any buckets of water?
How can any holi be complete without splashes of water coming from nowhere at you?? :)

Rajlakshmi said...

gal you sure are having loads of fun :D

Madhu said...

aww..nice..where u guys heading to?