Tuesday, November 23, 2010

don't give a damn to this title thingie!

I am so pissed off. Why do people die? :/ I'm missing harpreet again. I cried a while ago. Mark deleted his MYB account and I guess deactivated his FB account too :/ Mylor and Mark broke up and Mark just ate a lot of chocolates. My head hurts badly now. Its 2 am and I'm up writing this post, hating God and cursing. Why do they hate me? I meant by Kritika and Saket.. =/ I befriended Riya and Divya. We are sorta good friends now. On the other hand, I have even stopped looking at Saket. :/ I was studying for the whole day and late night, my bo pissed me off. I am going to stay up for the whole night and anyways, I have got tution after 3 hours so I guess I'll be studying again. :| I'm kinda mad at mom and dad too. I'm such a looser. I just can't do anythng. Its 23rd November and I haven't got the IIT form yet! Heck someone please get me a form somehow, I'll love you forever. My parents are so lame and mean, they can't even get me a form to appear IIT and they want me to be an ENGINEER awesome v.v !! Feeling really alone right now.


lost wanderer said...

It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow. The sun's gonna shine and the rain's gonna fall, but that's life. When it seems like everything is wrong and will never be right again remember even the darkest nights must give way to day. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.; it is all about dancing in the rain!

Jingle Poetry said...

sorry that your friend is gone.
cheer up.

Selenium said...

Engineering is fun... but boring at the same time. Tread with caution... -__-;

*Heads off to prepare for semester exams.*