Wednesday, November 10, 2010

B'day Updates! :D

Thank you everyone for birthday wishes. I love you. :D My birthday was good. As expected a lot of people didn't come but I enjoyed it. My friends played a lot of pranks with me!! o.o
1st One: Srishti and Anubha texted me saying they can't come to the party 'cause they have some work in church! I almost cried 'cause they texted me just just an hour before the party!
2nd One: I was waiting for everyone and was looking for them from the balcony(I was standing like a dumb for like an hour) but no one came! And when I was 'bout to leave Neeraj, Srishti, Anubha and Divya reached there!! I was like oh geez I hate you why did you lie!!? (haha! loved the surprise!! :D)
3rd one: Waited for half an hour more, ordered food and no one came. It was only me, my bro, Neeraj, Srishti, Divya and Anubha. We decided to cut the cake then. We did and we put icing on each other's face xD Few mins later, Prince called me.
He:shriti, I'm sorry I can't come; I had an accident and I'm going to hospital.
Me: what?? geez!!! Are u serious??
He: *screamed* aahh YEAH!! I'll talk to you later sorry and happy birthday.
Me:umm thanks. Please take care.
I told this to everyone and Neeraj thought that he was lying but I told him that he ish really in pain. His voice doesn't seem right. A few mins later Divya called him and she went out. When she came she told us that he hasn't informed anyone at home and he's going Raipur!!
Me: WHAT!!!? oh geez!! >_<
Later Kishan came and I was like don't you think you came a bit early???!!! Prince called me again. This time it seemed like he was crying.
He: Shriti.. yaar mujhe bahut dar lag rha hai yaar. Maine ghar par kisiko nahi bataya hai. Main kya karu yaar. My legs.. I can't feel them!!
Me(panicking): Prince.. kyu nahi bataya yaar tu. Please dar mat na yaar. Aisa mat bol.
He: Shriti.. I am really scared I don't know what to do! Please help me.. please do something.
I was panicking there and was 'bout to cry and everyone else were laughing at me, I was confused and I was like shut up.. please He's scared and he's crying. Then everyone was like oh yeah :P ? turn back! turn back! I turned back And guess who?? It was PRINCE!!!!!
Lol everyone in the restaurant were kinda smiling and laughing and I was hitting Prince lol XDD I almost had heart attack!!
Well the pranks doesn't end here. Yup later they ate all my chocolates and spared only 3 chocolate bars for me and a celebration too. Hmmmm those chocolates were gifted by them but they ate a lot of chocolates!! They hid my sim card lol..and I don't know when did they took the sim from my cell phone. And I was unable to make or attend any call xP
and then my bro and Neeraj took a peice of cake, put some salt and then Neeraj made me eat that salty cake!! XP And youu won't believe what neeraj gave me on my birthday! :D He gave me a car.. A TOY CAR!!!

Chocolate basket O.O

Stealing my chocolates

Icing :D


 Me trying to kill Prince for his prank!! o.o

Salty cake!! D:
So thats it for now. mY B'DAY was full of surprises and I loved it!!! :D


WarmSunshine said...

hey looks like someone had a lot of fun... keep smiling girl! :)

Pria Chilamkurthi said...

wowww gues u had fun.. blatd hpy bday.. :)

Madhu said...

sooooooooooooooo happy for u!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

:) haaa nice cake smearing sessions- guess it dis ya good n got ya all sparkling :D

sulagna ™ said...

someone really did bring the house down ??? :)

Koo said...

Fun :D

Riddhiculuos said...

aaha.. i missed bday celebrations... better late than never na.. aaha.. :D choco lover... happy bday belated wala.. hope u have super duper mroe to come.. keep writing u have a lot more to learn..and many many many many more blog posts to go..:) mwuahhhhhh