Thursday, November 18, 2010


I cried today o.o Yeah I know, not a new thing but the reasons are new :/ I cried last night too when I told Mark 'bout me. :/ At school too we were talking 'bout me.  The girls know 'bout it but I haven't told guys. Well Prince and Tunesh knows 'bout it. I guess, Prince ish angry at me.
I don't know how others are going to react 'bout this ovarian tumor/cancer thing. I was so scared in class. And then Saket messed with me!! Lame creature <.< !! I cried 'cause of him and 'cause of that ovarian cancer. But I'm glad that I fooled everyone :P No one knows that I cried. Though they knew that I was in messed up mood. Weird thing ish that Saket made me laugh O_O !!
And later, Sushma, Aastha and Simran started tickling me xD. Me and Srishti annoyed  Riya, Anubha, Sushma and Simran ! :P It was nice and boring o.o ! I told Tunesh 'bout this ovarian tumor today in tution. Ad he kinda didn't believe that. I'm sure he's gonna make fun of me.*sigh*
Saket and Ayush didn't come to tutions today and we found them in our "Adda" :P (Yeah we have our secret den lol) I didn't want to stay so I stayed away but PPG was forcing me to stay. But later Tunesh walked up to where I was standing and said "Tu jaa. mat rook yaha" I left and on my way to home, I received PPG's call saying, "Why did leave? We asked you  to stay then?". I told him that tunesh asked me to do so :) [Tunesh ish always right] so he didn't argue and later when I reached home o.o I recieved Saket's text saying, "I'm just kidding with ya, don't take it seriously"!!
Huh! What the hell does he thinks 'bout me? I'm not Divya, Anisha, Suchita or his GF Pooja!!! I just sent him a blank message! o.o The only thing he'll get by hurting me would be HATRED!!

P.S. please, don't over react ^_^ I'm not going to die now! Be normal ^_^ thanks for caring though!


nitwit said...

u will be alright kid ... i know that for sure... take gud care of urself

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Take care of you health, Chocolate! o(;A;)o I'm gonna pray to God so that you'll get good health!! (o^O^o)

Anyway, replying your comment! :3
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4. Tadaa~~ Finished! (^_~)*winks*

PS. I'm not good at explaining so I hope you understand though! (>д<;)))