Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random-est dumb-est posht!! o.o

gah! (-__-) I feel sick again..A day before diwali, I was up for the whole night and webcammed till 6:30 am! Mom and dad doesn't know bout it.. Well I did this 'cause I was angry and the reason behind was my bro!! :| I do stuffs like that when I am angry. Well I was happy on Diwali (epic!!) And you know what? You just can't  stop thinking bout the one who keeps praising you! o.o I was up again til 3am (I miss school!! D:).
So today ish Tannoo's Birthday! :D and I kinda didn't reply to any diwali wishes! blah I don't know why but I don't like my cellphone. Just wanna stay alone! and I don't know what to do with Saket. =? I don't want mean friends. I have deleted his no.'s!! He still texts.. Whatsoever!! Let him do, I just don't wanna talk to him! (V__v)
*Jumps off a cliff*
I'll turn 17 soon! v.v No more bitter sweet sixteen then. Arghh I am hungry now. o.o BTW Myyearbook ish being weird now! It has too many fakes and creepers! (v__V) I have blocked some 20 guys!! O.O  I don't know what am I going to do on b'day!!


bibhash k jha said...

hope m nt in ur phoney-creeper list

Pria Chilamkurthi said...

mixtutre of feelings.. but finally keep smiling.. waiting fr ur bday 2 wish u.. hope 2 get a party onlyn ;)

The16YearOldNaive said...

well its almost your birthday!!
Happy early birthday by the way! Haha that is so cool.
Don't feel bad, haha everything happens for a reason so I think it was a good thing for both of us to walk seperate ways.

Neeha said...

Against nomophobic??

Jidhu Jose said...

its really nice to read ur posts...something different always.

Koo said...

Bad habit- staying up late :|
Stop doing it!
Annnd, happy advance bday :P

Jingle Poetry said...

Happy Birthday to you,
what a lovely day to celebrate,
double bliss.

Jingle Poetry said...

I signed in to follow your blog.
welcome follow back.

Happy Monday.
welcome to our potluck week 9,
link in any poem as soon as we are open. enjoy the best benefits when you do it early.