Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"..If I were.."

Hahaha.. so finally I am doing a tag now.. it has been ages since I last did any tag.. so here I come.. wheeeeee.. I have been tagged by many ppl but I really dont remember.. If you have tagged me earlier then just remind me about that!! :D
Oh well I have been tagged by Kelvin this time.... one of the aweome-st blogger buddy in blog land :D

If I were  a month.. I would be November 'cause..I was born in November.. :P
It I were a day.. I would be Friendship day! (don't want any enemies! >_<) o.o
If I were a time of the day..I would 2 am.. I love the bitter sweet silence and darkness (though I am scared of both!!)
If I were a season.. I would be Spring..'cause I feel like I've got wings but I can't fly cause my wings are broken!! o.o
If I were a planet.. I would venus...'cause its brightest one.. I want to shine haha! ^-^
If I were a direction.. I would be straight..I can't remember roads that goes zig-zag and all!! >.>
If I were a drink..I would be something..which is so pure !! o.o
If I were a tree.. I would be chocolate tree.. I know that does not exist but it would be so much fun to be so.. haha! and wont let anyone to eat my chocolates!! xP
If I were a animal..I would be a bunny...awwww.. they are so cute! o.o (aaah...but my friends already call me machli i.e fish) <.<
If I were an instrument.. I would be a Guitar..hehe! I like guitars! ^-^
If I were a fruit.. I would be Strawberry or a Mango.. yummy! o.o
If I were a food.. aaahh.. I would be a Chocolate...wahahahaha (would you consider it food?) o.O
If I were a celebrity..I would be someone not only talented but a sweet and pure hearted! (everyone is so mean! <.<)^-^
If I were a colour.. I would be Blue.. its pure and true! o.o
If I were a book.. I would be a love story..so much love..so much care..sometimes its a fiction but it makes me giggle and yeah..sometimes it makes me cry! v.v
If I were a song.. I would like to be all those songs that my besties suggested me(the songs on my blog).. or else something that could make anyone smile and could stop their tears.. ^-^
If I were a movie..I would be any romantic one...hey dont look me like that!.. *hides his pic under the pillow* >.>
If I were a flower.. I would be something which is so delicate.. and so beautiful(I know all flowers are delicate but wanna be the most delicate) xD
If I were a facial expression.. I would be a smile that can brighten up anyone's day!  *blush blush* xP
If I were to tag someone.. it would be you.. yes.. you all 99 people right there..and if anyone join this site.. they can have this tag too !! :P

P.S. If you are following this blog..and I haven't yet returned the favour then plz  tell me about it.. I have become so forgetful this days! >.> haha! love ya! ^-^


Nipun said...

Lovely wrk choco..:)



Jingle said...


please visit Brian to wish his 14th marriage annivesary.
Thanks a lot!

Jingle said...

lovely post!
Happy Tuesday!

Chocolatelover said...

I love the fact that you love chocolate so much, even i used to dream about a chocolate tree, and then about being a chocolate, cause chocolate is chocolate and i love chocolate. :DDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

Cute post and feel very happy after reading it.....

HaRy!! said...

i'll die in choc if wanted!

Anonymous said...

Wow :) its so good to know more about you ..well the chocolate tree idea was amzing ! but beware , if at all thats granted you will have a competetor !! :P

wolfie 402 said...

Ha! Nice choices! This "If I were" thing is going around. I wonder where it started.... ;)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Nice tag. I like the sincerity you have portrayed while responding to it. :-)


Hi Shriti,

I'm glad you're doing this tag... you're the only person who respond to the tag... thank you my friend... and o, it seems like we have lots in common in here... great to know that... thanks again!!!:) Cheers!!!:)