Monday, May 17, 2010

"..A cocooned princess.."

She wasn't beautifull,
she wasn't tall,
she wasn't graceful,
but she had a beautiful heart..

Who she was?
She was.. a cocooned princess..

She was a normal girl,
yet she was so special,
she had dreams,
but those were shattered..

She never lived in huge castles,
She never had maids and warriors,
She didn't wear any crown
or lovely robes..

She lived in a virtual world,
with a fake smile on her face,
She never raised voice;
for the injustice done to her,
and that was her crime..

Butterflies never danced;
nor the birds sang,
But the li'l angels giggled,
and the stars twinkled..
whenver she passed by..

Who she was?
She was just a cocooned princess...

She was Naive;
She was shy,
She was betrayed,
she was alone,
She was scared and broken..

She had a friend whom she loved,
But one day they left her,
no, they didn't betrayed
they passed away..

No one to care,
No one in despair,
She wished to fly,
but was scared of falling..
She was free yet she was cocooned..

She was missunderstood,
She was a poor soul,
who lived all alone..

She was a cocooned princess...


Jingle said...

that's very beautiful poem,
she is special princess!
So are you!
Happy Monday!

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

@ Jingle
thanks x))
haha! and same to you xD

An Ordinary Gal said...

She is a Chocolate Lover...a cute sweet girl who will meet her best friend soon in her Life. She will smile again and m sure about it :)

Nipun said...

Lovely choco..:)
Cocooned princess wil sure come out of the cocoon...:)

Keep up the good work choco..



p.s. Princess choco..:)

Mr Happy said...

hope she comes out of this cocooness and live like a bird :)

CutePriya said...

Hi Choco...Hope you're doing well...I really liked the Poem and this one will remain close to My HEART <3

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

@ Riya
*hugs* T___________T

@ Nipun
haha! thanks x)

@ Mr happy
i hope so :)

@ Cutepriya
hi priya... :))
haha! i'll be fine ;)
glad you liked it :))

nitwit said...

love 4 the princes and 4 u too sweetheart

Anonymous said...

tel the "princess" she is beautiful , one of a kind :) and that loadsa happiness awaiting for the special sweet angel :)

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

@ nitwit
thanks :)) *hugs*

@ adreamygal
awwww.. *hugs* thank you :))

DuDo said...

a gr8 poem dere choco... 1 question y do u always write emo?

Sorcerer said...

I like this..I like this..
nice poem

Leona said...

I think there are a lot of girls like this out there ;)

I'm going to leave an award for you over here in a while, by the way. (I say going to because I still have to link to you guys and publish it. XD)

♪ Tharangni ♪ said...

wow!! really amazing! X)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...poor cocoon princess..I think you must talk to her..and tell her its too early in life to be sad...

take care..


Oh, i know... that cocooned princess will soon emerge as a wonderful, sweet and ever beautiful butterfly... and i can't wait for that time to come!!!:)

Smile Li'l cocooned princess!!! The world cares for you!!!:)

Take care!!!:)


Jingle said...

have a beautiful day!
Welcome attending our Poets Rally
week 19.

suruchi said...

My dear cocooned princess...
Reach out those hands n break your own strands...
Feel free and fly...

suruchi said...

My dear cocooned princess...
Reach out those hands n break your own strands...
Feel free and fly...

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Dudo
hahahaha..thats a secret o.o
i just write my feelings and thoughts and sometimes..some incidents happened in my life xP

@ Sorcy
thankies! :D

@ Leona
awwww...thank you so much! love ya.. *hugs*

@ Tharangni
thanks sweetie xD

@ Hazna
hmmmm.. okay! o.o

@ Kelvin
awwwwww.... thanks kelvin
love ya *hugs* x))

@ Jingle
awww.. jingle..that's so generous of you :))
love ya thanks a lot :))

@ Suruchi
haha! thanks xD
*hugs* love ya

Sankoobaba said...

well..thats you..
stay as you are..

Nj said...

its a beautiful poem!! :)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

I reciprocate the same feelings as that of @Jingle. :-)

Love the flow on this one.