Friday, May 21, 2010

"..I am sorry.."

I felt you hate me, it was lame;
I am regretting now;
Why did I let the hatred flame?
I gotta fix it some how.

I broke your heart;
gave you pain;
May be it was destiny's part;
but then what did I gain?

Life's so unpredictable;
Sometimes a game;
Sometimes so loveable;
I did it for no stardom or fame;

You may not believe;
but I had a nightmare;
it was like you  decieve;
and you dont care..

I promise I would never do it again;
Talk to me I am feeling lame;
I am a fool and an insane;
You know I am not the same;

Try listening to my heart;
Its crying;
Are we so apart?
you couldn't even see I am dying..

P.S. Mark.. Xin yi I am so sorry.. I really didn't want to hurt you both... you guys know me right.. I easily feel lonely..the thing I wrote above..wasn't a poem..none of the rhyming stuffs here are poems.. they are my feelings.. I write what I feel.. I am regretting now...plz dont do this to me.. It was just a missunderstanding.. you both really dont know but I have been crying these past days just for you guys.. you really dont have any clue that with what I have been through..
I can't live without my Vampire besties


Jingle said...

lovely poem,
yes, when you feel something wrong, you have to apologize.
Best wishes.
your words are kind and sincere,
Happy Friday!

Surbhi Jain said...

everything's gonna be fine... dont worry. they are your best friends! I am sure they'll understand :)

Mr Happy said...

its gud to say sorry sometimes....

♫♪♥Lonely Dreamer♥♪♫ said...

Things will be fine :)
Have faith! Your friends will be back!

Romeo Das said...

You have penned down your emotions beautifully. Loved the poem :)

Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine. Hope to see you in my blog too!

Jingle said...

deadline is with 24 hours,
please vote!

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

i just wish if they forgive me :/

@ Surbhi
yea.. i just hope the same :|

@ Mr happy
its always good :|

@ Juhi
thanks juhi
i just hope the same... i am really feeling so lame :/
*hugs back*

@ Romeo
hmmm.. i hope so :|

@ Jingle
i am really sorry! T.T
i guess i am too late and i dont know what to do!

Marinela Reka said...

Lovely poem, full of emotions. Love it. Have a nice weekend :)
Short Poems

Jay said...

hey dont worry ...........
they will forgive u....aftr all they r ur frnds.......
take care.....


Oh, Shriti... you always feel sad... i hope all turns well to you in this coming days... i'll be leaving for a vacation tomorrow.. and will be quiet irregular in blogland... but before i leave i made a poem... and i'm dedicating it to ye my friend... may ye be inspired by it. Smile.

Good daY!!!:)

See ye when i come back!


PULKIT said...

awwwwww woh maafi mil gayi aapko samjho...
itne pyaar se toh katal bhi maaf ho jaata hai pata...
ur apology is so pure and honest...m sure they will understand

Sankoobaba said...

sab theek ho jayega..


suruchi said...

Hi Choco...
We all feel pain n hurt many-a-times in life!
In fact it is a recurring circle like everything else!
The important thing to remember is that we should never be too eager to shout ourselves out from roof top, without allowing the feelings to sink in and the analysing done of where we actually are!

So I often tell my friends to never react when driven by hyper emotions!
Don’t declare too soon that you are in love, in hate, broken off, lost it all, on top of the world!
Give yourself time to think over the circumstance you are in and the reaction that your action might evoke!

Then when the flood of emotions have passed...act!
Sorry to be all preachy here...but the rule has kinda helped me and so wanted to share with a dear girl like you!

P.S. And stop saying that you are weak n are convincing your mind more n more of it...instead keep declaring you are trying to be stronger and positive and the mind will slowly get convinced and make it come true:-)
Take care.

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

It takes courage to own up to a mistake or stand up say, "I am sorry, I was wrong." You have that courage. Now, it is up to the receivers to accept or reject it. I am sure these people you are begging apology from are graceful enough to accept it. You have done your part. There shouldn't be any regrets from you any more.

kixon said...

i wish i could put down my feelings half as well. dont worry for every end theres is many beginnings to follow if things go bad you can always find some light sorry if my coantint posting gets anoying