Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"..from my heart.."

mmmm.. :| okay.. you all might be thinking why I want to delete all my accounts! Actually I scored really low in my exams..which was unexpected.. My parents are angry.. My dad was really angry..he didn't talk to me for 2 days..and then My mom and dad thinks that it's all because of blogging and chatting! >.< But I started chatting just a month before after my exams.. And when I have friends to interact with.. I can't.. well I have just few days..till june 16 but I hope that dad drops his idea! >.<
 So I'm just deleting all my accounts.. coz if he stays firm with his idea... I won't be able to come online for 10 months! yea.. you read it right its 10 MONTHS!!! Ummm.. I'll miss you guys :] I'll miss Mark and Xin yi ( my two vampire friends) I'll miss Alan..though we talk less and just make smileys but still I'll miss him! I'll miss Aditya and Adarsh... haha! well these are my friends on myyearbook :|
Aditya says I'm naive(true), Xin yi thinks I'm funny (I wonder how?), Adarsh says I'm stupid and stubborn (agreed) Alan..mmm.. he never says anything..we both are shy so we never talk(except sometimes) haha! we both stay online for hours and just make smileys and hugs! and Mark...he is so awesome.. I dont know but I cried for him. Adarsh says I can't stay without talking to him!! and I love him!!! (but I dont believe in love and relationships 'cause I've never been in it) But don't you think I am too young to fall in love.. this feelings are annoying me.
Xin yi caught me today..now she knows that the guy with whom may be I'm in love is Mark!! mmm.. that's really weird..why do I care so much about him? Why did I burst into tears when she told me that he would be gone for a week! Xin yi says I overcare about him :? I dont want Mark to know this..He is my bestie!! Don't want to lose such a nice friend :| But what if Xin yi tells this to Mark! :? Mark lives in Croatia and he is 15 !! How can I think about love! :?
Ummmm..well anyways I'll miss him and everyone...If dad stands firm with his idea..then I would tell this to Mark! (But still I dont want to believe that its love..I am just possesive about my friends) They all know that I would delete my accounts except Adarsh! He isn't online these days! :?
PS I won't delete my blog! :]
PPS so Is there anyone who can help me out with this feelings? coz this feelings really sucks! and its not love right? I am too young for this love and even Mark is younger than me!
PPPS Just pray that My dad drops his idea atleat for me and I can't leave without you all! o.o


wisewit said...

I don't know what to think. On the one hand, I don't understand parents who get mad when their children don't get good grades. Unhappy, even upset, I can understand, but angry seem unfair. If you were doing your best, why blame you? A lot of the things that affect your grades are completely outside your control.

On the other hand, were you doing your best? I think I can kind of understand your father blaming the blogs. I know I have to watch myself if I don't want to spend all my time blogging and never get any work done on my story. As hard as it would be for us, shutting down your blog could be a reasonable thing to do if you need to focus more on your studies.

Unfortunately, my instinct tells me that that probably won't help your grades. A lot of kids who've been doing well in the lower grades suddenly start having trouble somewhere in high school. I've had the impression that something like that might be happening to you. Also, haven't there been a number of emotionally upsetting things happening to you recently? I would suspect that kind of thing first.

Still, if your dad says you have to shut down your blog, what else can you do? We'll all understand. Try not to hold it against your dad in that case--he's probably trying to do what's best for you. :) :)

About the boy: your instinct says to let go of him; your heart wants to hold on to him; why not keep his memory in your heart and let go of the dream? Things like that almost never work out anyway. I've had to let go of a lot of people by now.


Sankoobaba said...

People say love knows no age..I disagree..
I believe love happens later in ur life..and secondly it takes time to mature..its like wine or better its like pickle..you let it stay for a long time...and then it taste the best !
but really still one cant decide whether its love or not.. best is not to think whether its love or not and just enjoy the moment..
deleting accounts is too extreme..you can put up notice.. "OFFLINE FOR 10 months" well..
do keep ur blog..we will send comments to u..to "come back soon"

cheers !!

Chhaya said...

u can always convince ur dad that u wont stay online for more than 1 hour everyday!!!

My wishes are with u :)

Samadrita said...

That's really sad.I hope your dad tries to evaluate your situation better.I don't think letting go of internet or your net friends would help you study better.
Why don't you convince him that you will study diligently and blog once in a while?
And about Mark..honey these net long-distance relationship thingies never work out.And this guy doesn't even live in India.
So keep him as a friend while you still can. :)

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

it's just time management..>.< i hope your dad changed his mind ...:/

An Ordinary Gal said...

Hey convince ur dad dear anyhow...and as per feelings...don't take them as love, it is an affection..

P.S: Never be serious in virtual love dear. Its my advise to u :)

Koo said...

Maybe you are distracted, the internet cause distraction from studies like nothing else! So do you believe that your dad was really wrong in thinking so? I'm just saying it could be, cause i dont know much about you (:

Omg, that might or might not be love! You really like this guy and care too much. It's strong emotional attachment. And what wisewit said was nice and true! :)

Being Pramoda... said...

hey.. thats very sad news dear..you r a talented gal.. of course, studies are important and extra curricular activities are equally important,..

i suggest, talk to ur dad abt it. make him believe that u can do it next time even u have internet..

use the net properly.. may be, blogging is a good idea fr all, but you may stay away frm the chatting stuff, esply with strangers (Note this point only if u r doing now; ignore it if u never do;sorry)..

all the best.. hope u can convince ur dad..

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

@ Wsewit
Mmmm..well mom and dad are shocked now..coz i'VE NEVER SCORED SO LOW..yeah..I am giving proper time for my studies..and dad is not asking me to delete to blogs and all..he is asking me to stay away from internet :/ and its my own decision to delete all the accounts but i wont delete my account :/
and yeah I should not think about him :) Lets just be friends :|

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

@ Sankoo baba
yeah.. I am too young for this love and all :P
and yea..I'll do that ;) but I am here till June 16 :D

@ Chhaya
Yea.. I should do something like that ;) but We(me and dad) are not talking about this now :| haha! I would do it later :)

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

@ Samadrita
yea.. I would try to convince him :)
hmmm.. true thats what I was thinking about him! haha! Friendship is better than love :P
I would love him as my friend :D

@ Ayu
I hope that too :/

@ Riya
yea.. I would :D

and yeah True :O

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

@ Koo
yup! I think its wrong :/ It wasn't due to internet -.-"
hmm.. yeah.. :D

@ Prams di
hmmm.. Hhaha! I get scared when I talk with strangers :P so I really dont talk to strangers x)
haha! thanx x)

island of peace said...

i cant say any thing against your parent's wishes. one should obey parents.

if they mellow down....

because you write beautiful.

have a great week.


Dear CL,

Oh, that was a sad news from you... but then, i must agree with them... proper time management will do a lot better in your case/situation... maybe your Dad was just afraid for you having spending in the computer for more than an hour.... i think, He's just worried 'bout your studies bein' disregarded coz of lack of time studying... and worried 'bout your monthly bills increasing from time to time coz of so much in use of various gadgets like computers which consumes really high charges on your bills... we must admit that life today is not so easy... just try to understand your Dad... He cares for you, maybe in a way you're not comfortable with, but truly he cares for you... regarding studies, just study harder... it's always tough but when you put more time on it... you'll realize it's never as tough as you have thought of it before... and 'bout your feelings with Mark... hmmmn, i'm not an expert but i would say, just try to measure deeply if it's really love or whatever... besides, if it's really love i don't see any wrong to it... at 15??? age doesn't matter man... i think, you're too young to fall in love... maybe you just keep that special feeling and use it as an ispirational motivator in your daily living especially in your studies...!!!:)

I just hope i've said somethin' better this time... Good luck!!! the choices are always yours to make!!!:) You can make it!!!:)

Good day!!!:)


Jingle said...

sorry to hear that,
tell your parents that punishment won't work,
promise that you will and have been trying your best...
Best wishes!
Happy Tuesday!

CutePriya said...

No...no...no choco that's shuch a sad news...parents will understand....please don't delete blog...just wait till things turn ok....

I know convincing Dad is Hard...but you can stop posting for a short time till things (dad's anger) cools down...it happens....I knw you'll score good in the next term...SMILE Cheers...

Take care,
All the very best,

beanizer_05 said...

Alright, I guess your parents were just worried that you have given less priority on you studies. You have to make up on your low remarks and prove them wrong.

I advise you not to delete your accounts, you just have to control your net activities for the meantime so that your parents won't be hard on you.

I was surprised that they know your blogging stuffs (hehe), i mean, you are so open to them with your blogging activities..in my case, i keep it private.

Now, with those boys..wow! you got lot of options to choose from. It's fine, it's just part of a teenage life--Crushes and admiration. But please know your limits. Explore but understand every detail of it. Experiment but know the consequence of your every action. Love is not prohibited to your age..yet, be responsible of your actions.

Cheer up! Take it easy.
Don't delete your blogs, im just a new follower here..keep blogging..

Lisa said...

You are so cute.
You have your whole life ahead of you and all of this one day will be but a dream you had a long time ago.

Tell the boy you love him if you do.

Keep your blog on hold and let us all know when you come back. We will be waiting, sweetie.
A big smile for you and at you.
Love, Lisa

Madhu said...

hey dont delete ur blog girl..thats sad...exams can catch up always..tell ur parents ull spend less time at it.

and what u are going thru is something i went thru..love can be realy pure and really harmful at the same time in this age...give some time to ur feelings...dont talk to him for some days..see what u go thru.Longing and love are totally different..or talk to some friends...ull figure it out..

cheer up girl..:) hugs!

Gauri Mathur said...

Buddhuu!!! Marks are just a very tiny part of life!!!
Relaxx!!! Go and tell you dad ; papa chill maro!! Marks he elow aaye ehaii..koi pahad thode na tooth gaya hai..
Chocolate lover pass tho ho he gaya haii!!!
Smile Now!! Hugs*:-)

Nipun said...

Convince them or let me talk to them.
Just ask for a fixed number of hours for internet..:)
It will work for sure and study hard.
Ur grades are very important for ur parents as this blog is for us.
So just go and make a promise..:)
I knw u can do this much..:)



Rajlakshmi said...

ohhh I really hope that your dad drops the idea... 10 month!!!! thats a longgg time ... hope everything will be fine :)

nitwit said...

just fix certain tymof internet.. u dont need to delete the accounts just limit excessive use and manage the tym......dont bother things will be oaky

♫♪♥Lonely Dreamer♥♪♫ said...

Come on. Tell your dad. He can't do this :( :(

Marinela Reka said...

That's so sad.I hope your dad tries to understand your situation!

Short Poems

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Best wishes to you. My only suggestion would be: If in two minds, DON'T DO IT. Because, something done half-hearted is not worth the effort. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I'm under utter confusion....I donno what 2 suggest??

I think i'm a kinda person who take much precautions....about these Friendship which can change its dimensions.Even if I'm 18,I think I'm not matured 2 take these gr8 decisions,we should wait till we feels that we've reached somewhere...
What u said isn't love..but if not taken precautions,,it might become.....Because we r in that sweet age..

IF Ur father feels comfortable then it's better 2 delete ur accounts as Net is a Gr8 distraction!But don't delete ur extraordinary blog...B'cos creativity is a gift...U better do updates in blog once in a month or likewise...

This's not an advice,,,Just an opinion...

Love u loads Chocolate Lover...U r a very open-minded person which's a very sweet attitude...