Sunday, December 27, 2009

"OuT BursT"

I am not happy at all! I hate holidays!I am mising my friends.I just want to shout at someone. We had planned something about these holidays that to ruined!

Everyone went out of station and 'am just sitting in the room and doing nothing. Tunnu, Kam and Nee are not replying to any of the text! I just want to kill Safedi ki chamkar, the most selfish creature in the world. What does she thinks she is? I hate her! During the exams, she asked me help! (obviously cheating) and I did that just to think that she is my pal! But the cruel,selfish creature never told me a single one.
In the exam hall, during the maths exam, she lied that she's going to fail and after coming out, she said these words to Nee"This was the easiest exam I've appeared"!!! Lier!!I hate u! Tragedy Queen, she is selfish too and that boy who was copying my answers but the teacher smacked my head!He didn't even say sorry! I can't understand why the girls are falling for him! I hate all the Arang fellows (group of few students who comes from a small place to our school)
Next day onwards, I didn't tell her any answer! She used me and she always does that. And like a fool I always helped her! Hey this can be my new year resolution,  'am not going to take it any more !
Just a single question hopped in my mind.Why does God always give me such mates in my life to make it terrible? sigh!

Just wondering what she would get by doing all these stuffs to me! Earlier she used to say blah blah about me for having cantact no. of boys (our mates)! And she used to say blah blah blah about the boys too who are my friends!And few days ago she asked me Tunnu and Kam 's (my best buddies) no.! Oh something again struck my mind. After that day Kam and Tunnu are not replying to my text!
Did she say anything to them as she always does this stuff?Naah! They know how she is? They are my true buddies. They are not going to fall for her words!

Chimni has gone mad I guess! How can he fall for Tragedy queen!? And how can he be jealous of Tunnu, Nee and Angel? Tunnu and others are right he has changed. I want to kill him too cause he thinks there something between Me and Angel or Me and lame!
School is soon going to reopen by 2nd Jan. which means results of Maths exam! I am 200% sure that am going to fail this time. I have never failed in any of the tests or exams before. But this time I am going to fail. T sir is going to insult me very badly. He never misses any chance to insult me!
Last year when I got 75 out of 100 in the halfyearly exams, he had insulted me and said blah blah ! And when I got 93 in Model exam and others didn't even cross 65 He said nothing to any of them!Isn't that lame? If you are in 10th then Model exams are more important than Halfyearly!
I am really scared. I don't know what's going to happen with me? What he's gonna do this time? I never failed in any subject man!Now am feeling like to cry. I know I can't escape this. I want to die. I am feeling terrible. I hate everyone. I hate myself. He's gonna kill me.That's what my life is all about.


aritra the daydreamer said...

oho!!!dont be so miserable!!!!
Its the festive season.try to cheer yourself.By the way its the board xam that matters isnt it???I scored a lowly around 100(out of 200) in test but at the board xam i got a whooping 190!!!!People now consider me good at maths..Its so funny!!So work hard...
and ya cheer up!!!

Sorcerer said...

aha!! a change from poem..

you dont have anyone to bug?
well!! sit in one corner and bug your conscious.

Sankoobaba said...

>you can take revenge by telling wrong answers next "Safedi ki chamkar" if that makes u feel better.

>maybe god is making life tough for you right shower you with happiness ..later in ur life..

> a typo-error .. in this line .."Just wandering what she would get by doing" i think it should be wondering ..

i hope you dont mind..
"They are not going to come in her words!" would be better phrased as "They are not going to fall for her words"...

>here are wishes that you will pass in maths.. best wishes!

>oye! don't be so negative about failing first time...its an experience to be had once in life..not too many times...when you fail and then score well next time..people are usually shocked..and first time i failed .. i was amused.. coz i failed in drawing subject...damn teachers didn't understand my painting...abstract art
so cheer up...
as is the cliche...there is bigger good behind every bad thing..

so cheer up and keep blogging..

Mads said...

arre baccha dont worry...and dont be so pessimistic..
everything will be ok in the end..and be happy ok? :)
and help only those who help u out :) u shud trust urself to judge who is worth it and who is not...
best of luck, work hard, hv a happy new year >:D< :)

Grayquill said...

let your concious be your guide but don't let your concious guide you.
For a cheater to let you down should be expected - Yes? They have already told you, "I have low character"
Great Post - Found you on "Reflections"

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

ok ok..take it easy ok..? well..about that rude person who ask for your help in exams but claiming it was the easiest.duh..that person sucks! i have past experience about persons like that..and i think its time for you not tolerate that anymore..


and for your T sir who frequently insulted you, i thin he's just insecure with you..! I understand you..i know how it feels since math has always been the SUBJECT i mostly fail..but i Do has higher grades on other subjects..i understand you so dont be so miserable..I know things will be fine as the new year starts! ^__^ smile !

Rohit Dassani said...

Come on.... this is not the end of life....u can do better next time...and the results are not yet out...u never know God's miracles!! Sometimes mis-communications does happen...u need to clear them...just enjoy your holidays and everything will be fine when the school reopens!! :P

Chocolate Lover said...

@ All
Thank you for your cheerfull words!
Now 'am feelin' better and about the exams *fingers crossed* :)

@ Sankoo baba
thank you for the corrections! :)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Hey there,
Now girl, don't you worry. Nothing can be worse than thinking worse! So pull yourself together.

Take a piece of advise from me. There are two ways of learning a lesson - from other people's experience and the other one is to learn the hard way. You learned the hard way. Anyhow, take the lesson and you will never see yourself in this mess again.

You are very sweet. But 9 out of 10 people in this world will use your sweetness to their advantage. Be sweet but not gullible. These little things are hurting you, but they will also make you stronger.

Take care and be safe. Have a nice year of 2010. All the best.

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Vittaldas
Thank you for your cheerful words! ^_^