Friday, December 4, 2009

"I gotta find You.."

You are my soul,
You will be with me forever,
You won't betray me ever,
You can make me smile,
You can make me cry,
Just want you to woe me,
You are just in me,
And you will be ,
I gotta find you...
My heart needs you,
You are the glance in my eyes,
My life starts with you,
And will end for you,
I gotta find you...
You are the missing piece,
I need,
To complete the song inside,
You are the voice in my head,
You are the reason I am singin',
I am feelin' lost in yesterday,
Can't understand what to say,
I gotta find you..
This is true,
I need you,
I gotta find you..


Sankoobaba said...

and sure you will that "you"

Being Pramoda... said...

:...hi galllll....hw ruuu ??

Hope u r enjoying the favours of life..:)

this one is sooo cute and nicely done..keep it up re..:) missed u alott..:)...

Cursed♪♫ said...

I love the picture. It so goes with the post :)
The poem is really cute. Can relate to it totally.
So...who is that special guy you have your eyes on??? :D

chocolate lover said...

@ sankoobaba
thanks :)

@ Prams di
hi di.. 'am good..
glad u liked it :))

@ juhi
thanks dear.. but there's no special guy in my life :p

sidish6 said...

Wow, i really like this one. . . . . I feel the same. . . .

chocolate lover said...

@ sidish
thanks :))
thanx for dropping by..
hope to c u around..