Saturday, December 19, 2009

"I wanna die.."

Life begging for death..
What worst can be than that?
My life is all over,
The trust that went would come never..
The world is nothing but lie..
Curse me,
Hate me,
Kill me,
'Cause I wanna die..


Sorcerer said...

life has its ups and downs..
chin up..comrade..u are going to sail through..
tht was sad lines.reflects your moment now

Sunakshi said...

What happened?its terribly sad :[ is anything wrong kya?

ambiguous_angel said...

that's a sad one:(

PS the Pratsie said...

y so dark phrases ??? cheer up !! have sm real good choclate ;)

Sankoobaba said...

trust can come back..
but takes time..

Chocolate Lover said...

@ sorcerer
thanks :)

@ sunakshi di
everything is wrong :(

@ angel

@ ps the pratise

@ sankoo baba
true (sigh)

CutePriya said...

"Never say die"...gather all courage, all is too cheer up and live every moment :)