Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Why do I allow everyone to hurt me?
Why do I give importance to everyone and everything?
Why I am so connected to everyone?

The world and its people will never stay for me,
The world is so cruel , it will never care for me,
It is the rule of the world that you have to move on..
Then why am I the only one standing here?
Why can't I move on?

In this world no one is mine,
The people don't even think about me..
So, why I always care about them?
Why I always pray for them?

Why I don't want to accept that there is no one who wants
 see me happy?
Why I can't even imagine of going far away from them?
Why I am with a hope that one day I would meet someone 
who will love me?

 Why I am so?
Why do I think so?
Why I don't want see the real world? 
Why do I ignore the people who wants to open my eyes?

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