Saturday, October 31, 2009

"The Agony Of Soul"

The agony of soul wants to burst out,
Asking since long to cry and shout...

Everything is perfect but something doesn't seem right,
Brooding over it since last night...

The tears are smiling in my eyes,
But they are scared of white lies...

The fault was mine that I expected alot
They would love and adore me, I thought....

Someone betrayed my heart,
And folks named it an art....

The moon is peeping from above,
The stars are giggling with a hope to get some love;

To find out what's the matter,
Went to the place where a girl's soul shattered...

The known ones became unknown,
Walking with the crowd but still alone..


rimz said...

ah...loved it. kip writing.:)

aritra the daydreamer said...

very nice!!!!!dont know how a small girl like u can write so well!!!!

by the way thanks for the award :) i jst cant stop smiling......

niyati said...

beautiful one:)
"Someone broke my heart..
They called it art:)"

The lines have a lot of depth.
Keep posting.


Sunakshi said...

Loved it =)

Sunakshi said...

um mail me your email address at the address given below on my blog.i'll send ya the invitation =)

chocolate lover said...

@ rimz di
thank you :)

lol I too cant believe how can I write such poems.. and you r welcome

@ niyati
thanx for dropping by
glad you like it :)

@sunakshi di
thank you :)

Being Pramoda... said...

hey gal.. well expressed dear.. keep going..:)

loved the middle lines alot..

chocolate lover said...

@pramoda di

Anonymous said...

a very beautiful, fantastic poem! :)

chocolate lover said...

@ leo
thanx :))