Thursday, October 8, 2009


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The Most common name...
Machali- The whole school knows me as machali coz m bengali and bong people eat fish actually they are crazy about fish.
Motu- hahaha this one coz i'm a little golu molu.
Without license- Coz I don't have license but still I go to school in my scooty.
Baby of the class- well I am  the baby of d class coz I  never understood anything (chitchats) of d world. Its like puri Ramayan khatam ho gayi aur Ram Sita bhai behen..
Ms. cool- Actually this tittle was given by Wani sir for always being cool and nice with everyone. My friends too call me ms. cool coz i'm machali.
Cutie-  coz I am cute ;o
Photowali- Coz my dad is a photographer.
Khisyaani billi- My brother calls me khisyani billi coz when someone disturbs me while doing any work I act like a cat!!!
Chashmish- for wearing spects....
Lovely- well thats what most of the people call me....
Shona- mom and dad calls me and sometimes my relatives.


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