Monday, October 19, 2009

messed up :(

*They don't remember my b'day!!!
chimni sent me a text yesterday "many many happy returns of the day" huh???? but why????? it's next month.. he doesn't remember my b'day.. am gonna kill him!!! my younger bro too thinks that my b'day is on next Sunday..

*Message inbox full!!
don't want to delete those msgs :(

*offline message !!
an unknown boy is sending me offline message !!  I had blocked him once but now he's using another id. 

*scared !!
am scared for my maths result..Earlier  I was never scared about it..  what if.....??????? T sir will seriously kill me!!!

*Next month..
okay next month we'll be having 3rd unit test, sports, picnic, my b'day and my di's wedding..

*My neighbours sucks!!
they all are criminals, liars, hypocrites, cruel and @#$%^& !!! they are sooooo mean, sooooooooo cheap!! missing my old place.. :(

*No followers!!

I don't have any followers in my blog :( LOL I want to be a famous blogger (;p)


I didn't study at all during diwali holidays :( I had spent the whole month without studies... ;( 


Sunakshi said...

Dun worry everything will be fine,its just matter of time

take care ^_^

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hey Sweetheart.
Look, don't think negative about your marks, else you won't do well. Be confident. (Experienced :) )
Don't talk to any stranger. Block that dude or just tell him to get lost.
Nor did I study in my whole vacation.
Tried following your blog. But there's some problem. Will try again.
Don't worry. Stay calm.
Take Care!

Cursed♪♫ said...

Im Following you. Now Smile !!!!!!! :) :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

and so am smile a little more girl

chocolate lover said...

@ sunakshi and juhi
thanx a lot

@ sulagna