Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Back to School"

So now I am back to school and I am so happy :D... hmmm.. the day was awesome..enjoyed alot..and yeah I have got nice marks in every subject :D... love my school but I hate the principal ;P

My pal divi's younger sister is in coma : (I think, this particular year is not good for any member of the school.. really not even for the peons..

Today only few students were present in the class...the craziest ones where absent :( but still we enjoyed alot..We were aiming and throwing chocks at each other....pulled each other's leg..;p and yeah we played "truth and dare".... A.V. and Sunny were scribbling on the blackboard...and ding dong guess who's watching... K ma'am but she didn't say a single word... She asked Simmi to call a substitute....

During recess... as expected nothing except the spoon was left in my lunch box.. ;p My mom is the bestest best cook in the world.... My pals ate my lunch but no problem I ate their lunch..;p

Me, Darshu, Sush and Pari were missing happy alot...We went back in the past and tried to live that time again...Darshu cried a bit...then we were fine..

After recess, we again started playing,teasing,singing,dancing... I wrote 9 "I Hate You" on my desk ;p just for fun and coz I was angry at the two Arang Gals..


Being Pramoda... said...

hey..u brought my school memories today..:)

those luncheons and the gossips can never be firgotten..:)

good one..all the best fr ur good career..

chocolate lover said...

thanx :)