Thursday, October 29, 2009

School is cool !!!

Yesterday.. K ma'am gave us few titles..
*Most in-disciplined class
*Useless fellows
lol.. and few days ago.. P sister named as "models of the school"

Today we had physics and chemistry practicals..
We did our practical and then S sir asked us to write names of those who had performed the experiment..We wrote our names but then tunnu, sunny, angel (giraffe), A.V, Sunny asked to write their names too.. coz they were also with us when we did the we wrote their names..
S sir-Is it over?
Me and simmi- Yes sir..
Simmi- Sir, boys also did the practical with us.
S sir- so??
Simmi and me- Sir, we wrote their names too..
S sir- nooo!!!!!
The boys were like o_O huh!!
S sir- "Boys will not do practical with girls!!!!!"
Angel gave me a weird smile!! I was like huh??????? and then he started rolling..
S sir (again)- Understood??? "Boys will not do practical with girls"
Everyone then started laughing and giggling and passing the sentence to each other "Boys will not do practical with GIRLS"

In chemistry practical
We were asked to perform the experiment of titration.. Everything was perfect.. The apparatus and all.. but when we were doing it the colour of solution was supposed to turn pink but it didn't.. We did it many times but it didn't change its colour..The problem was Sir gave us different chemicals.. and then we took the chemicals by ourselves and did it.And while I was sucking the oxalic acid through pipette.. I did it too hard that it entered in my mouth (sigh)

W sir told me that the test copy of mine and srish are missing.. someone had took it from the Whole bundle [o_O] bUT what about my marks?? I was supposed to stand 3rd in the class.. :s

Then as usual we had "battle of chalk-1".. But the bad thing was everyone was hitting me ;p Even if they wanted to hit others it'd hit to me :( But I enjoyed it :)


rimz said...

nice one.. d hit sentence: "Boys will not do practical with girls!!!!!"

haha.. u hve made 2 tiny spelling mistakes sweet heart: oxalic acid(wil b wid single 'l'}n it wil b pipette.:)
btw u r in which std?

n u yet dint disable d word verificatn thing,its pathetic.

nwys, kip writing, tke care n DONT DO PRACTICALS WID BOYS...:).:P

Being Pramoda... said... share such funny incidents sis...loved the way u said the tale... :)

ahhaha..which std u r in ??

aritra the daydreamer said...

"boys will not do practical with GIRLS"--i cant stop smiling...
Really i miss my school days so much...

sulagna chatterjee said...

ya ya boys should not do practicals with girls LOL




chocolate lover said...

@rimz di
sorry... in 11th (junior college)

@pramoda di
lol.. in 11th(junior college)

lol :)

@sulagna di
lol ;p

Sunakshi said...

third position,kewl.. *wink*

nice post :)

chocolate lover said...

@ sunakshi di

Sunakshi said...

You have been awarded =)

chocolate lover said...

@ sunakshi di
really?????? thank you :)