Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I can feel you..

You left me alone when I was in need..
May be these were the fruits of my deeds...
When you needed me I didn't bother, 
But still you were no further...
May be this is the only thing that I  deserve,
'Am only left for your memories to preserve...
You fought for me and for my smile, 
You had never let me cry even for a while...
You were in my dreams,
To tell me something it seems...
I saw you hiding from something,
When I came close to find out, you disappeared with your magic wings.
I know you were there,
And wanted to share...
I know no one's gonna believe me that I saw you,
But I know I am true, I can feel you...


Sunil said...

Beautiful is one word I have for your poem.
I believe that there is nothing called pure fiction. Coz pure fiction can never exist, for any fiction has a hint of the writer's life in it.
And poetry is for ears.And your this poem qualifies on every ground.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Keep Writing. :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

oyeee ki holo...eto heavy stuff coming from sucha cute blog:)

you have a super cute blog ha!!! and yes..you need to write more cus its brilliant..

and thansk for dropping by my blog

Sunakshi said...

Beautiful poem,so the blog is.

keep writing :)

chocolate lover said...

@ sunil & sulagna
thanks alot..

@ sunakshi
thanx for visiting my blog..