Friday, October 9, 2009


In chemistry tution...

V sir- write about preparation of NaOH.

We(Mr.Giraffe,A.V.,Tunnu,Prince,Nee,P.G. and me)- yes sir!

V sir- do u know NaOH is used to prepare soaps? garam ubalte hue oil me NaOH dalne se soap ban jaata hai!

P.G.- Sir, we should try it in our school lab.

A.V.- sir is it dangerous?

V sir- yeah it is.

A.V.- how do they prepare differEnt kinds of soap like rose etc.?

V sir- they add some flavors, essence etc.!!

Prince- then what about those milk soaps?do they add milk??

P.G.- yes sir and.. and.. almond soaps? what about them?

V sir- nahi woh sab bakwaas hai aisa kuch nahi hota..

Nee- agar aisa hota toh uski industry band ho jaati..

Tunnu- ha badam itna mehenga hai agar wo aisa karenge toh kangal ho jayege!!!!!!!

Prince- bechara P.G. woh nahate-nahate badam khane k liye soch raha tha!!! agar sach me aisa hota toh roz lux k badam khata!!!

A.V.-Ha aur fir kehta bas dus rupey mein "lux"!!

P.G. Kicked prince out of his place but still prince was laughing and rolling on the floor!!

And then A.V.- Main bach gaya!!!

Poor Prince and lucky A.V. lolz !!!!!

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