Saturday, October 24, 2009


When you try to understand me,
 with the eyes of your experience,
 The only thing you'll have is,
For we both have different paths and fears,
 The things that bring you smile,
just might hurt me and bring tears.
 But if you try to accept,
 the weird things of mine,
 May be you'll gain,




hey this ones lovely yaar..!!!...its very meaningful....

Being Pramoda... said...

hey chaco lover..

vry good understanding abt the relationships..keep it up dear..

Sunakshi said...

Nice one,liked it :)

keep writing,hey btw if ya don't mind please do tell your name,its quite weird writing chocolate lover everytime when i oftenly reply back :) :D lolxx

chocolate lover said...

@ krazy komplex kitten
thanx :)

thank you :)

lol.. thanx and you can call me shri :D

aritra the daydreamer said...

jst tumbled upon ur blog.Well read some of ur posts.i liked few snippets of ur daily life and also ur poems.
by the way it wud be great if u drop in by my blog too.comments and followers are always welcome:)

Cursed♪♫ said...

he things that brings you smile
just might hurt me and bring tears.

Love these lines :)

Cursed♪♫ said...


sulagna chatterjee said...

my my...someone seems to be writing some really beautiful poetry here :)

and i guess these differences make our lives pattern fun..imagine how diffiult it would be if you both liked the same things like

sitting by the window seat of the plane

or even trying to share the same jokes..

chocolate lover said...

@ aritra
thanx and welcome to my blog..

thanx dear :)

thank you and lol.. never thought about liking same things in such way..

HaRy!! said...

thats wat relation ship is abt is'nt it?!

chocolate lover said...