Thursday, October 22, 2009

"AcID !!"

Today during chemistry practical :

V sir was showing an experiment of Qualitative Analysis with NaOh and Oxallic acid.

V sir- In which food stuff Oxallic acid is present?

Me- Tomato!!

Everyone- wow!!

V sir- yeah.. and it is (oxallic acid) sour in taste.. it's not very harmful and is edible.

Shukalu- Sir I would like to taste it..

V Sir- huh?? what??

Everyone- drink, drink, drink, drink, drink!!!

and guess what he did it.. and says- No sir it is tasteless (actually he had just a drop)

And then tragedy queen- Sir, I too wanna taste it.

first drop, tragedy queen- yes sir it's tasteless..

And then second drop, Tragedy queen- "sir!!!! mere daant khatte ho gaye.."


Being Pramoda... said...

hhehee...hey take care with such acids..:)..chemistry lab is full of enjoyment..yeah..:) reminded me of my btech days..:) Thank you.

sulagna chatterjee said...

LOL :) crazzyyy

chocolate lover said...

@ prams and sulagna
yup its crazy lol..;p


lolz....funny....its really a gr8 fun when we conduct experiments....with all stupid jokes being cracked...and our sir...oh god he gets mad with all of us....lovely....KEEP ENJOYING UR SCHOOL LIFE..!!!

HaRy!! said...

gawk!!! tasting acid!! ...chem lab is always fun i know!..he he..and hey new here..choc word caught me off....boy am a deep damn lover of chocolate!! cya around..tak care!


hey i really loved ur template...its wonderful and eye-catchy...!!!

chocolate lover said...

@ krazy komplex kitten
thanx :)

thanx to u too.. and lol happy to know that u r a chocolate lover too..