Saturday, October 10, 2009


Why there are differences? Difference in color, caste, region, religion and views and all.. these differences are hurdles in our life. Coz we can never coax till it is in our life. Why don't the people accept this differences? Why do they stay apart from each other. The place where I live sucks coz They don't accept each other as they are. My neighbors, they all are hypocrites, narrow minded and liars. They stay apart from us coz we are non-veges.  They ask their kids not to stay in our home for a long time. They to consume meat as well but then also they treat us so badly...Few days ago I met a girl on gamezhero who was quiet older than me. She said "You Hindu people are complete fools coz u pray to a statue who has no existence"..... hOW  can you judge anyone on the basis of their food, religion caste or color????? They r also human, they too have feelings... Have you ever thought that may be your behavior can hurt someone???? DId you ever think of those people who are exploited 'cause of the differences???? 

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