Friday, January 7, 2011


Loves the way dreams
turn their path,
sometimes they seem close
sometimes at infinity
I wish If I could find my sanity
and I don't know why 
I have this vanity!

P.S.I was awarded by Kelvin a few backs! ^_^ This award ish "You inspire me" award :3

Thank you kelvin ^_^ You ish awesome :) But you know, You are one of those amazing person who inspires me ^_^ You are the best :3 *hugs* 

Ohhh btw, I want to pass this award to all those 153 people who are following my blog ^_^
Thank you so much for being with me. You are the only one who inspires me to write ^_^ 



Thank you Shriti... for all the kindest and sweetest words you uttered to me... thank you for bein' a friend... you are a blessing... and yes pass the loveliness to everyone... you are as awesome as your poems my friend... i hope the new year is treating you kind!!!:)

Take care!!!:)


Valli said...

sometimes they seem close
sometimes at infinity

Liked these words

WarmSunshine said...

congrats on the award dear :)