Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm God's favorite toy!

Eyes have cried,
but tears have dried.
The only thing left in it,
is just emptiness.
I see no life.
I see no joy.
May be God thinks, 
I'm His toy.
May be that's why,
He keeps playing with my life.
He breaks me,
and makes me,
May be I'm His favorite,
Because he never lets me,
to befriend death.
This was the fifth time when,
I called death to take me with him.
But God is being mean
and not letting me to die and be a gleam.. 


WarmSunshine said...

i hope things turn for the better :(

Neeha said...

Oh sweety!!
Seeing the title I thought u r righting a happy post.
Hope everythng gets wel soon..

Ratheesh Kumar R said...

Everything will be fine...Yes, you are God's favorite.

Valli said...

Oh Dear!

I think you are in serious depression....I too just feel the same when I am so depressed....
You will surely have good days in the future...
I'll pray for you..:)
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Nice poem and a was good to read.
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Thank You.
Take Care.

The17 YearOldNaive said...

hah hey, well no I'm not really loosing my brother its just that im back home and hes not by me anymore and it feels werid.. like really bad. I don't know.. long story haha maybe ill tell you one day.. x)

and what is up with this post!
ur not his favorite toy.
maybe its a message, you know
he doesn't give things out that you cant handel, and he knows that you will get through it eventually..