Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year ^_^

Aaaah I don't know how the coming year ish going to be. Well no one knows. Umm i'll be leaving my school, my friends, my parents, my home and a lot more. I was happy earlier :D 'cause of the awesome day I had yesterday :) I got new haircut, I was high. I had chocolate pastry :D And I went to the mall and luckily got the last AIEEE's form :) I won't say that I'm not happy. I'm happy but not like the way I before. It'll be 1.1.11 in a few mins.  I was about to cry today v.v but this person on FB chat popped in!! well lets sum up some stuffs that I did in 2010:
-cried a lot.
-got the title of CRY BABY
-Joined FB, MYB and other social sites :|
-Met a lot of awesome people(includes you)
-messed up my 11th result.
-did good in 12th(still doing)
-rose as an artist :)
-I told my best friends that how much I love them and what they mean to me. :D
-Tried to start everything again with Kritika but she screwed it up v.v
-Me and Saket became close friend.. best friend actually but he screwed everything and now we are not even friends. I hate him but I miss him like hell o.o
-became the house captain of yellow house. :)
-befriended Divya and a lot of people.
-Me and Simran are soul sisters now :3
-I fought with Tunesh a lot :D BFF!! 
-oh well Finally I learnt how to make coffee(Yeah just a couple of minutes back) 
-a couple of blogger friends became my really close friends :D
-I made friends from all over the world :P
-A lot of friends on FB and real life moved from single to in a relationship :|
-Wrote more than 200 blog posts this year.
-Well its 12 so first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!
-Sorry, lets start again :P umm I wrote a note on FB xD
-Maths became my fav. subject again, :)
-Bahahaha I'm crying (sorry)
-I met with accidents. 6 actually which is better than those of 2009
-Got a lot of scars v.v 
-Attempted Suicide thrice that too just in one month. (failed@all) 
-Now don't look at me like that. 
-Add me on twitter, FB, gmail where you want but if'you'll tell me about God and stuffs. I'll block you :)
-okay it started with stuffs in 2010 but its going somewhere else xD I should stop!!

Oh btw my new year resolutions for this time would be:
-less tears
-drive safely 
-less chocolates
-more study
-enjoy life
-and try not to do any sucide attempts! 

Happy new year everyone ^_^!!   



Hi Shriti,

...thank you for bein' a part of my 2010... come... join me again on my journey this 2011 and the coming years... cheers...!!!^^ i wish you and yours all the best luck in this year of the rabbit!!!;)Happy New Year...!!! good luck to all your new year's resolutions!!!;)

Take care!!!;)


An Ordinary Gal said...

aww sweet and cute post just like you :)
Wish you a very Happy New Year :)