Monday, January 24, 2011

do not read! comments have been disabled!

How I'm FEELING RIGHT NOW? I'm feeling like a crap.. why didn't I die.. I want to kill myself..Can I do it again.. No I can't..I don't keep these things in my mind.. MOM beat me again.. This time it was my fault as well as hers. I know I did wrong but it doesn't mean that she'll beat me like anything.. I'm 17.. I'm not a kid.. my wishes. my secrets, my demands have changed. I tooo have a life but they'll never understand. She used everything that she found to beat me.. iron chair, stick, lock, bunch of keys and everything.. My hands and legs hurts badly. I didn't want to write all these stuffs here. I'm sorry but tumblr blog is on maintainance or something.. I wish I could stop my tears. Why do I have to face these stuffs all alone? Why I never have anyone to share my pain. When I need my friends badly they are never there. i DON'T WANNA FEEL LIKE THIS ANYMORE.. thats why I say I'm scared to be happy. Because God and Happiness both hates me.

p.s. I know.. a few of you have read this... I have disabled the comments for this post..I dont want to talk anything about it anymore. So yeah if you are my facebook friend or you have my gmail or anything then please dont message me about it.