Sunday, January 9, 2011

"..This time my heart don't shatter.."

Close your eyes,
Fall in illusion,
dream around and,
Sing to the sun..
Bear all your pain and, 
secrets in your heart...
These feelings are,
taking control of me,
and I don't know how to,
let it go but I know,
this feeling is echanting
heading towards
Lurking danger. 
And it's so hard to,
be around you only as a,
friend when my feelings,
have changed...
When I'll cry I won't,
make a sound,
so you don't wake up... 
I'll walk all alone,
think about you and,
your words...
And I'll just wish,
that this time,
my heart don't shatter! 

P.S Pre board exams gonna start from 27th Jan. 


PULKIT said...

well written as always...
constant emotions churning out their melodies in your word. You are one emotional girl :)

PS - all the best for pre boards lady, rock ur exams

Anurag said...


nicely written, you know how to express your emotions in words.

Just one query "this feelings" should be "these feelings" (in 7th line) :)

Put the emotions behind and gear up for the exams, all the very best.

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Pulkit

thank you ^_^

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Anurag

aha! Thank you ^_^ <3

divsi said...

hey hope ya exams wer gud:) came back to bloggin after ages:)
awesome poem...

ms.choc at her best!:)
n lovely pik..made it my fb dp:)lol