Friday, January 14, 2011

FUN!!! :D :P :O

HAHAHAHAHA!! yesterday was awesome :3 Wany sir (our English teacher) is Prince's (My best friend) dad. :P And he doesn't know that Prince has a GF (Actually he knows but he pretends as if he doesn't :P) So he asked a question to Divya(Prince's GF) But she couldn't reply :P :D haha! Then he said "where's your brother.. PRINCE??!!" XDD LMAO we started giggling.. somehow we controlled ourselves and we didn't laugh for a minute. But as he left the room we all counted..1..2..3.. and started laughing XDD and kept teasing Divya for the whole day and it wasn't like this happened for the first time with Divya.
Actually "Tragedies" and Divya are just meant for each other.  Last month on 22nd December, we(all gals and Tunesh) stole a peice of sodium from the chemistry lab :P And in the last period we took it out in the school ground and Divya started pouring water on it. At first it kinda started melting o.o so she kept pouring more and more :D and it exploded >.< Geez it was so scary. She was screaming in pain. That white liquid kinda thingie went in our faces and clothes and in her (Divya's) eyes!! D: We were so damn scared. But then we informed our teachers and they asked her to wash her face and eyes and after a few minutes, everything was back to normal. :)
Ohh btw, this video (ain't so long so watch it, its only of 45 sec.) was made yesterday by me. Ayush ish trying to do a stunt. The quality sucks because it was captured in Divya's cellphone :P 

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