Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Misery or just reality?

Something has hit me again,
I still have to figure out what is it,
Misery or just reality.
What was I thinking? 
Where was I standing?
Where am I now?
Plan was to take it slow,
And just go with the flow.
It's insanely foolish to think, 
that our lives will coax.
The one who really cared,
 Has passed away.
Is it bad,
To miss the ones who are dead?
I'm sorry, my intention is not to  make you feel low.
Right now, I just  want to lay here and miss your "new year" show.

1 comment:

Talitha said...

Reality hurts,yes.
But wallowing for too long in it doesn't do anything...for anybody.
Jump up and get back to whatever you were doing before and yes,Happy New Year!:)
And if that was fiction,give yourself a pat on the back,you fooled me!