Monday, January 14, 2013

"Another horrible twist.."

I'm full of flaws and may be insecurities,
Trying to straighten out my priorities.
Suffocating myself with thoughts of dying,
I can never ever pass the art of lying.
And today, I've hurt myself again badly,
Knowing that I'll lose everyone who is close to me.
They've picked up on me many times,
They played a vital role in several crimes.

I've been waiting here,
Trying to make my head clear.
Shedding tears in gallon,
Thinking that it wasn't supposed to happen.
I pleaded for death,
And in the mean while I tried to catch my breath.
None of that makes sense.
But, don't name it pretense.

I don't have any reasonable answer,
To any of my recent behavior.
It's hard for me to trust,
This relationship with a layer of dust,
'cause her soul never impressed mine.
No matter how much he tries, my life won't ever fall in line.
There's so much wrong about the person, she pretends to be.
I have a vision of the world, that no one else can see.

It's gonna be another horrible twist,
As I'll watch the bonds, slipping outta' my fist.
I'm trying not to care,
I'm trying not to share.
I'm trying to let it go.
I'm trying to dance with the flow.
Trying not to prepare a list.
But I can't stop thinking that it's gonna be another horrible twist.

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Ashish kumar said...

a masterpiece type of work which is rarely found in the crowd and i am lucky to go through such a work after a long time.
Your this work is beyond excellence i must say which comes deep from the heart.
From now onward i will be a regular visitor of your blog to read your fantastic poem.

"Suffocating myself with thoughts of dying,
I can never ever pass the art of lying."
its very good piece of writing...

keep up the good work.

Ashish kumar