Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I didn't want to write about this but I will. The Delhi Gang Rape, The Politicians and all the hypocrites. I can't take it anymore. It really triggers me so bad and makes me so angry that my anger turn into tears. I am not a strong person. I am not very mature but I am mature enough to see what's wrong.
We live in a world of lies where no one wants to see/say/hear the truth. Even when I was 15, I remember how I saw it coming. I didn't want to be one of the ignorant grown ups. I am glad I stayed that way. Of course, I have been asking to actually be kind and be nice to the one who needs you since very long. If only you were kind enough to help those two people.
That night, would you have stopped by to help the victim and her friend? Would you? Would you ever stop by to help a naked couple beaten to death? Would you ever stop looking at a guy and girl as criminals? No you wouldn't! And when the damage is done you go for protests, candle marches and everything. And it is good 'cause it's better late than never.
The guy(Victim's friend), the other day on Zee News, was right. The country is not protesting for the girl and the guy. They are doing it because they don't want it to happen again to them, their sisters, mothers and daughters. They need a better future. We need a better future. And, of course, the world is full of two faced hypocrites. The one that stands and stares at the scene and does nothing and the other one goes and protests.
Let's not call this "only" two faces of Delhi. The pic. reflects all of us.

And like I said, "nobody wants to see the truth" because if you do, the liars and culprits will destroy you and your family and everyone you love. I was reading "The Hunger Games" and I can see how it reflects us and our society. The guy revealed the bitter truth and what are the police/politicians/authorities trying to do? Charge him for humiliation. Calling him a liar? I feel ashamed and sick that I am a part of such a pathetic world. 
Now coming back to the politicians and other hypocrites. Too many speeches and statements were delivered to the public by various politicians like:
Statement no. 1: "..Girls are dented and painted.." Screw you! Are the minors who get raped dented and painted? There diapers and frocks are really attractive, huh?

Statement no. 2: "..Rapes happen only in India not in Bharat." Yeah right! Rapes happen in India and Balatkaar happens in Bharat! You know what? Even kids are more smart and won't say such a thing.  I wish if I could make this person stand naked in snowy region and shoot him with water gun.

Statement no. 3: "..She should have called the culprits 'brothers' and begged before them to stop... This could have saved her dignity and life."  As if brothers don't molest or rape their sisters. And why should a woman beg for anything? Isn't she a human too? It makes me so sick! FOR A RAPIST OR A MOLESTER, A WOMAN IS JUST A BODY THAT HE USES TO FULFILL HIS VILE DESIRES!

Statement no. 4: "..The girl and guy had to go through the pain and disaster because the stars were not in their favor" DO YOU THINK THE STARS AND PLANETS AND THE WHOLE UNIVERSE WAS IN YOUR FAVOR WHEN YOU SAID SO?

Statement no. 5: "..Rapes doesn't occur in rural areas.." Although the second and fifth statement are sort if similar, but really, you know what? These people should really visit Chhattisgarh. The town where I live and the village where 9 minors were raped by a school teacher and others. Many more incidents took place recently, leaving many women raped and dead. But then it doesn't get highlighted. It isn't a big state. Such a huge rural area and so many rape cases. Unnoticed and unheard.

Do you know why it bothers me so much? Not because I am a girl. It's because, I have a small idea of how it feels like to be sexually abused by a person. Because I've lived that. And not just once but a lot of times. ..I must be so attractive in my diapers according to some people's logic, right? So attractive that even my.. Well forget it. I can talk about it without shame right now on here 'cause I don't think there's anything to be ashamed of but we're not speaking about what I've been through. It's about the country. I really want the country to have a capital punishment for the molesters and the rapists.

I can't believe I live in a country where so many "literate" button heads look at the women that way! So many things were said and done. And then you say "we respect women" and also ask why the young Indians want to move out.. We are nothing but the puppets of the politicians and the society which we made long back. It's time to change. Not the clothes, not the education system, not the society. Just us. We need to change ourselves and our thoughts. The way we look at things. Because at the end of the day, we are a part of the society. We make the society.


Kelvin S.M. said...

Shriti...i am with you in all these sentiments... and indeed the tragic incident became viral all over the world and collected a lot of sympathies...when i read the news 'bout the gang rape it gives me chills...a scary feeling on how brutal that incident had to be... the world haven't been fully recovered from the tragedy in Connecticut and now here comes another not human act/s of taking lives...if this is the kind of world we're leaving to our future children...i'm afraid i might not choose to have a child...i will just feel pity and disappointed... i once read a book tagging India as the land of prayers... but now what happened to this land of prayer...? What happened to people in there...? This is not to be partial of your country my friend... I just couldn't find the righteous words to explain how such kind of people exist in a country that was by history proven to be Godly & religious... Shriti, i appreciate you for taking your part in this... For letting your opinions be heard...for campaigning for your right...for seeking justice...for being part of molding & changing this community you're into.

Kelvin S.M. said...

RE: yes Shriti...i was back...it was only last December when i find my inspiration to write again... it took me almost a year to find that inspiration again...thank you for your comment on my recent post...and yes...you're still the sweetest friend to me back then & now...smiles...

Risha Kalra said...

You pour a women's heart out in this very post and I feel every ounce of it. It's disgusting to see the police still beating the girls and rapists still looking for their next prey. All of this - the rape, the government, the politicians comments, the media, the protests, the outrage and the crime continuation makes me sick to my stomach. I don't feel safe at all, I never did and now, I never would!!