Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy 19th birthday to ME

Oh hello. Everything okay? o_o I am sorry, I'm not too good with starting a conversation. One hour and 30 minutes till I turn 19 but um, I'm gonna schedule this post. I'm typing it now 'cause I have a test tomorrow. And, I am pretty much sure I'll screw it up. But yeah I need to study and stuff.
I dunno, if I am excited or just annoyed. I know that I feel a little down about it. But you know, just like the tiny kids, I eagerly wait for this day to come. And, yes, I keep reminding people of my birthday. But this time I didn't. I don't see a point. I actually lied to my classmates about my birthday(Note: I said "classmates" not "friends"). Did I mention how much I hate them? Well, I do. Seriously. 
Well, coming back to my birthday. Ah, yeah, this day has never really been good to me. Reasons? Mum and dad end up fighting. I throw a party and no one shows up. Or Diwali vacation becomes the demon to mess everything up. Friends go out of town. Blah blah blah.
I don't know what makes me sad. Growing older or not having friends. Facebook will remind a few old mates about my birthday hopefully. And since I have been tweeting about it, people from twitter remember my birthday(the only good thing). The countdown is on!
My mum and dad have definitely forgotten my birthday it seems. They remembered it till yesterday. Ugh, I feel like crying. My eyes are almost teary. Couldn't have felt more worthless than this. I'm sorry, this post was supposed to be all cheery and stuff but, I dunno. I do not have friends anymore. o_o The person who I thought was my best friend, doesn't even talk to me. But I'm not too bothered anymore. It makes me sad sometimes but that's what life is all about. I have friends/people with whom I talk/text everyday. (Yes, they are my online friends) But I hate it more when they piss me off too, or hurt me or misunderstand me. Well, I dunno what else to say. I just want it to be good. O_O
Hey look! That's me. Smiling. Had taken it on 5th. o_o Ok bye. I need to study. o_O


Ashwin D said...

First of all a very very very happy birthday to you buddy. May it be people remembering or forgetting, leave it on them. Be proud about yourself, you have reached a better stage, you have learned things, you have matured, you know how Life goes and all. This is a special day and spend it with smiles, please. God Bless you infinitely. :) KEEP SMILING. REMEMBER> :)

Pria said...

Many more happy returns of the day Shriti!! Hope you had all fun and exam??

Tharangni said...

happy birthdayyy!!! :D :D :D
and yeah... i know exactly how you feel!! my 16th birthday was just like that... :3

Sundeep Joseph Machado said...

Happy Bday

Shravan RN said...

i am yet to get my share of cake.