Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"..And there she smiled.."

I'm honored to be invited for writing a guest post for one of my sister like blogger. These twisted wires are weird, we once a blue moon get to know people who we cannot meet in real but then it feels good to know them. :) Anyway, here is a piece from the old diary mixed up with fiction. Hope you will enjoy the read.

The dew drops on the grass blades seemed to be gifted by the rain, Sparking as the diamonds are well polished. Zoya had this habit of shedding tears on grass for some odd reason. She believed that this way she could give away her pain to green colored leaves and they'll soak it like sunlight and moreover they are brave enough to carry themselves whatever the season is. She sat there from morning to eve, watched the life passing by.
Aman was observing her from distant.. "may be I should talk to her.." he thought.. "oh, no, it would be bad idea, she might get more upset!" He took out his notebook from his bag and started scribbling.. While leaving, he handed the folded paper to Zoya and said, "I'm sorry, but I guess, it's yours" and left. Before Zoya could say anything, he was gone. She unfolded the paper and began to read and..

Walking through empty streets,
Her heart began to fill with silent screams,
She tried to look back to call upon someone,
"Don't look back" her wisdom suddenly answered.
Her mind started loosing control,
Surrounding by the haunting loneliness,
Her tears were eager to flow,
"No more tears" her faith reminded.
Withered with the thirst and tired,
Not knowing which way to turn,
She paused and closed her eyes,
She remembered her mother's lullaby.
Her growing up,
Her bruised knees and tears she shed,
Mixed with the beautiful times she had.
The world is out there,
She must try to conquer her fear.
Life is like a circle.
She ought to get around it, she thought.
She opened her eyes again,
Feeling empty, lost and drained.
"Move on", gently her inner voice whispered,
The visions blurred and voices faded,
She looked ahead and moved.

..And there she smiled.


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Shriti said...

@Sunakshi di,

That was truly, beautiful <3
Thanks a lot di. (: <3