Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Congratulations Little Angel! :)

Er. Its been quite some time since I sat down to write something sincerely. I have been  missing out on that spark to write and go on writing for some time now, and then out of no where comes Shriti asking for a guest post at her blog as a part of her 400th post celebrations, and how could I say no to someone who I care for a lot ? who I love reading a lot ? I had no choice but to accept and promise her to write.

So here I am, trying to put down some lines for shriti, little angel, as I used to call her, and I am confused as to what to pen down. shri, you have been that one person who I witnessed grow up in this place, I have been around when you started writing, and now when you reach this milestone I am still around, and it indeed makes me feel privileged to have known someone so talented like you, who could put into words anything, anything, someone who could just sit and write and then give a visual of what they have written to the readers, someone who can wet the eyes of the reader.

All I have to say is, Shri, that you a gift, a very talented person, one who deserves a lot of happiness, joy, success, fun, everything damn good thing in life, and I would want you to appreciate life, no matter what hardships you have faced, and what may lie ahead. I know its always easier said, that done, but trust me, life is to be appreciated no matter what. like how its said, what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. I would be one happy person to see you write more, a lot more of happier posts, making a difference with your life, staying strong and proving a point.

Alright that has gone boring  now, time to wind up, and here is a little something for you sweet heart, you know I normally like melancholy and write on that topic always, but a friend of mine, Nikita of Niki's Pallet wanted to attempt something different, and we sat down together to pen this down, and I guess, this blog is the place where this should be posted :)

Lift your head, shoulders high;
Face the world, and smile in joy;
Tear your mask, shed your fear.
Rebel the world, Pick your voice, 
Gain your words, describe the self.
Burn the worries, make your fuel.
Fly high to the sky, and fear for none.
Earn your respect, earn your space,
Be the one your dreamed to be.
Let the world not hold you back,
For you may fall and you may rise.
Leave the world a sign of yours,
Claim your freedom and be the self.
Be the fire and ignite the rest,
Let the world fall and burn.
Live your life to the full,
Leave a legacy beyond death,
For the new world shall follow you one day.

Here is wishing you Shriti, a happy blogging time and congratulations on reaching this small milestone of 400 posts and I hope and pray that you go on writing more and more, and more.

Love. Hugs. Shravan.


Guidance ✰ said...

Lovely post! :D
Shr. does have a lot of good friends.

Shriti said...

Awww, thank you so much Shravan. ^_^ That was beautiful. I'm trying to appreciate life. And I hope you know that. <3

Shriti said...

Yes, I do. I wish they lived closer. :)

Nida Fatima said...

I think this is the best guest post so far. ^^