Sunday, November 4, 2012

Eh, I'm sorry..

There's something about every night.
Or may be you can say that
It's just one thing which turns out the light.
I lay awake in my bed,
Look up at the ceiling;
books, phone screen and laptop;
Think of the words to describe certain feelings.
I am tired and sleepy,
My bloodshot-puffy eyes are just creepy.
I refuse to get some sleep,
Feel empty and unwanted till I start to weep.
Like I've been told,
I seem like shy, quiet, lovable person from the outside,
No one really knows that I hold,
Anger, Loneliness, sadness, fear and self loathing deep inside.
I'm sorry, I am not perfect.
I'm sorry, I am always upset.
I'm sorry, I overreact,
I'm sorry, I think too much before I act.
I'm just really scared, that I'll hated on,
I really think it would've been better if I wasn't born.
I'm sorry, I can't put a smile on your face.
I'm sorry, I know that I'm missing the living grace.
I'm sorry, I push you all away,
I'm sorry, I act like "nothing happened" during the day.


Shailesh Thorat said...

It is just okay to be ordinary , you are always unique in a way. Write it down and honour the revelations that resurface :)

Tharangni said...

apologetic and a beautiful poem. :) man i missed your blog! XD