Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday update! o_o

Caution: Long post ahead! 
Wheeeeeee O_O Guess whose day went surprisingly awesome? :o Well, I am gonna post everything about it. I told someone about it, yesterday and I hope he wasn't annoyed. So let's start from the beginning. 
Like I had mentioned, people on twitter were already talking about my birthday and so was I! As the clock striked 12, My mention tab started to flood. Then, I got a phone call. It was from Sunakshi di. I talked to her for the first time. She wished me birthday and we talked a bit. Later, Nida, Abhishek dada, Noreen, Vikas, Ankit, Baburao, Chindi chor, Farji Engineer, Mahan Vyakti(sorry I don't remember their real name o_o) Shravan, and Amey and everyone else on twitter wished me. Amey called me up too. And yes, I talked to him for the first time over the phone! :P Haha, awkward but sweet.
Umm, my inbox and twitter mention both started flooding but my facebook was still dead sadly. I didn't know how my day was going to be or anything. But I felt happy and loved at that moment. I was constantly talking to one person at that time. And I was actually arguing. But we got over it soon. The mentions, the phone calls, whatsapp chat and everything was pleasing. And, of course, it's priceless when you ask someone to do something special and they do it. xD
I fell asleep around 1:40 AM and woke up around 5:30 AM. I checked my phone. I had an unread text from someone. When I saw the number, I knew who it was. It was Marko. Although, I was sleepy, I almost got tears but I felt good.. It was special. He was my best friend once. I couldn't fall asleep after that so I laid there awake. Around 7 am I got up and started to get ready. And at the same time mum woke up and came to my room. I was getting ready. She looked at my dress and she was like "It's 7th right? Your birthday is tomorrow, no?" I was a lil annoyed so I said, "yeah.." Then she checked her phone and calendar and she came running and hugged and apologized and wished me birthday haha. The she rushed towards her room to tell dad about it. After few mins, I heard my dad asking someone to get a chocolate cake with "Happy Birthday Lovely" written on it.
Now, while waiting for the college bus downstairs, I kept getting birthday wishes on my phone. Then when the bus came and as I stepped inside, I heard my college mates saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHRITI" and I smiled and giggled and said "Thank you ^_^" Then one by one my juniors started wishing me, it was sweet. c":
On my way to college, I couldn't help but smile thinking of all the wishes.. :o Then, when I reached college and went to my department building and entered my classroom, one girl was like "Hey look!" And they all looked at me and she complimented me and everyone else smiled. Since none of them were aware of it, we were  studying and discussing about the test! Then Nutan walked in and wished me. Krishna who was standing next to me was like, "DAMMIT SHRITI! YOU SAID IT'S ON 9TH" I giggled.
Others wished me one by one and the girl who had complimented me, hugged me tight. And then, Krishna wished me and was like "Hey, we cannot hug each other but happy birthday!" and shook hands and we both laughed. o_o
During the test. Well we got the questions changed since we had studied the wrong unit 'cause of a misprinting! :P It went okay-ish. Then we had our photo session. I decided to go to chemical stream's class. There, another girl told me that I was looking good in the new dress. So I told her that it's 'cause of my birthday. And everyone else in the class heard that and they started singing the birthday song for me! o_o I giggled again (I know, I giggle a lot) and then we were taken to a lab for making a new video. It was boring and annoying. I even got a lil angry! 
When it was done, we all were heading towards the class and when we reached class, Krishna told me that he was hungry and so were the other guys so I offered him my lunch box. Other guys joined him as well and then one guy was like, "Hey it's her birthday, did you wish her?" I turned around and it was Shubham!!! And I was like "Omg you!" and then he grabbed neck from behind like he always does and then he side hugged me tightly and I was like "AAAH NO STOP!" And then he wished and said, "I was looking for you and I even called you a couple of times! Where's your phone? Ah, forget it! Where's my party?" and a lot of stuffs like that. He wants me to take him to KFC on 10th. I am glad that he hung out with me for a while. I never thought he would. Shubham is the only person who keeps arguing with me. We both love to hate each other. 
Soon when we had to go to the pharmacy building for another photography session, I saw Bhavesh walking towards me. And we both were smiling. He wished me and everyone who was sitting on the staircase stood up and wished me. It was sweet. We didn't have the viva!
When the day was done and everyone else was ready to go home, 3 guys including Krishna asked me to give them a treat so we decided to go to the cafeteria building.. I asked a couple of girls if they wanted to join but they were too tired so they refused. Krishna stopped there and asked as to go ahead and told us that he'd come in a bit. 
On our way to the cafeteria building, I met Nazm and she wished me and apologized for wishing late. I asked her not to worry about it. And then 3 more girls walked towards me, hugged me and wished me birthday and told me that they were arguing about the date.. since I had lied to everyone that my birthday was on 9th :P They even got a lil mad for lying! :o
So, we went to the cafeteria building, ordered food and when we were eating, Krishna came and said, "Stop eating so much fatty or else you'll burst like a balloon!" and it hurt me so I was like, "YOU LOVE TO RUIN MY DAY, DON YOU?" I grabbed my bag pack and left. I saw Nazm with her friends. So I went to her. Her friends wished me birthday as well and we talked. I didn't tell Nazm about what happened a bit ago. 
The two guys got me chocolates and said, "Heh, don't ruin your mood. Eat this and calm down! We are leaving, okay?" I smiled and then I told Nazm that I am not going to share my chocolates and everyone laughed. We waited for Rahul to come. o_o Rahul wasn't aware that it was my birthday so when he came, Nazm told him, and he was like, "Omg, you serious? Shriti?" and I was like, "Hahaha, no, she's lying! xD" and then he said, "I'm sorry! I didn't know that, eh happy birthday!" and I giggled and said "Thanks." Then we all walked to the other side of the road. And then they told Veeru about it. And he wished me and offered me peanuts! Yes PEANUTS!! :P And they kept teasing and making me laugh. 

When they left, I walked towards my bus and as I entered, my brother's friend wished me. I kept getting texts and calls through out the day. I was smiling on my way to home. It was good.  When I got home I got more calls even from my childhood best friend. I had never thought, my day would be that awesome. 
Fb was flooding with notifications too and people who had seen me at college and smiled at me but weren't aware of my birthday wished me and seemed a little mad as well. They were like "Couldn't you tell us?" Even Prince called me and apologized and said the same. So I told him that Shubham was aware of it so he started cursing him 'cause he didn't tell him! Everyone made my day so special. It was the best birthday of my life.

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It's great to have friends like yours!
Belated happy birthday!